Changes to the City's Trash & Recycling Program

COVINGTON, Kentucky– The City of Covington has entered into a new waste removal contract with Rumpke Waste & Recycling. Beginning on July 1, 2015, Rumpke will provide all waste collection services for Covington residents and businesses.

“The new partnership with Rumpke is a big change for our City. The City, Rumpke and its residents each have their part to play, and Covington is confident that together we can make our City cleaner, greener and a greater place to live,” said Sheila Fields, Solid Waste Coordinator, Covington.

The transition to a new service provider will result in several changes to the City’s trash guidelines. Residents will be required to place all trash at the curb bagged and completely contained within a City-issued trash cart. Residents can place up to 12 large items per year for curbside collection at no additional cost. Large items include furniture, appliances and yard waste. Trash placed outside the cart and not marked as a large item will be considered an improper set out and may result in citations, fines and/or additional costs to the property owner.

Beginning on July 6, 2015, Rumpke will deliver new City-issued trash carts to residents and businesses. Rumpke will be removing Republic Services/CSI carts on or as close to collection day as possible. Residents are being asked to leave all Republic Services/CSI carts at the curb for 48 hours following their scheduled collection day each week, until a City-issued cart is delivered. Collection days will remain the same during this time.

“The City’s hope is that the new trash guidelines will cut down on the clutter on collection day, and make residents think about the items they are sending to the landfill,” Fields said. “The City also hopes the new guidelines will encourage more participation in the City’s recycling program.”

Currently, 3,000 Covington households participate in curbside recycling. The City would like to see those numbers grow. “Recycling benefits the environment and our local economy,” Fields said. “Recycling creates jobs as well as saves money on trash disposal costs.”

Recycling will be collected every-other-week on the same day as trash, beginning in mid-August. There is no additional cost to participate in the every-other-week residential recycling program. To facilitate the transition to every-other-week recycling, Rumpke will collect recycling weekly from July 1, through mid-August. Rumpke will provide residents participating in the program with a City-issued 65-gallon, green recycling cart and an updated collection calendar in mid-August. Residents that aren’t currently participating, but would like to start, can sign-up for recycling by contacting Rumpke at 1-877-786-7537 or by emailing

Residents that have not received a new trash and/or recycling cart by August 15, should call Rumpke to check on the status of their delivery.

Residents with physical impairments, space constraints (e.g. lots with no yard or storage space), or other concerns can arrange for smaller 35 or 65 gallon carts and discuss disposal alternatives with the City’s Solid Waste and Recycling Coordinator, by calling Sheila Fields at 859-292-2121 or by e-mailing

More detailed information on trash cart exchange, recycling, and large item collection will be announced in the following weeks. Residents should check the City’s website and social media accounts for the most up-to-date information.