Residential Street Sweeping Schedule

The City's Department of Public Improvements (DPI) will resume street sweeping from April after the winter season.

Please see the map for the Season's Schedule. This map shows the zoned sections where DPI crews will organize efforts.

For a more detailed street list for each section of the map, please see the corresponding list of individual streets to learn when work will commence.

DPI will also post street sweeping notices in these target areas 24 hours before services begin to ensure residents are given prior notification.

According to Mike Whatley, General Maintenance Supervisor for DPI, Residents in the target areas should follow these general guidelines:

Step 1. Review the zone map and see when DPI crews plan to come to your area. Residents will be expected to avoid parking in areas where ‘No Parking’ signs have been posted. If cars are found parked in the area on that day, vehicles may be ticketed.

Step 2. The day before DPI crews are scheduled to come to your area of residence, residents are encouraged to clean the right of way (sidewalk) in front of their residence and sweep any small debris into the street. Please avoid placing large items in the street and recycle if possible.

Step 3. If your street has trees and you think they need to be serviced, now is a great time to call DPI and let them know. Arborists are also notified of the street sweeping schedule and will often visit these areas at the same time to take advantage of the clear streets to access high branches.

Step 4. Call DPI at 859-292-2292 if you have any questions.

The City of Covington appreciates your cooperation in helping make street sweeping efforts a success!