Leaf cleanup begins Tuesday

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Covington Public Works driver Danny Peters (left, with blower) and then-seasonal laborer Draymon Walker (operating vacuum) collected leaves last year.

Look here to see when your street is scheduled

 COVINGTON, Ky. - For romantics and glass half-full people, the changing weather inspires social media posts about sweaters, pumpkin-flavored lattes, and bonfires.
For the rest of us, it means more work, because ... well ... falling leaves.
Out to keep its streets and neighborhoods clean, the City of Covington will again help residents deal with the beautiful but labor-intensive mess of autumn caused by trees in the public right of way.
With blowers and a giant vacuum, crews from the Public Works Department will start collecting leaves from sidewalks and streets next Tuesday, according to a formal schedule that targets neighborhoods with a lot of trees in the public right of way.
Residents can rake or blow leaves to the curb - not into the street - a day ahead of crews’ arrival. Leaf piles should be placed away from obstructions such as parked vehicles, fire hydrants, mailboxes, water meters, and landscaping. The piles should contain only loose leaves and no other yard waste.
City crews will do the work of piling up the leaves from the public areas like sidewalks.
“We really encourage residents to mark this on their calendars and follow this timeline,” said Troy McCain, supervisor of Public Works’ Maintenance Division. “We have a lot of leaves on a lot of streets and limited resources, and this schedule is the most efficient way to collect them so we don’t have to keep returning to an area.”
To find out when Public Works crews will collect leaves on your street, use the interactive map located HERE to zoom in on your street, then click the cursor to get the two-day period for your street and the section number in which it falls. (NOTE: You have to keep zooming in until the street names appear.)
On-street parking is restricted on collection days, so watch for “No Parking” signs put up 24 hours in advance so you don’t get a ticket. Crews will work only one side of the street at a time so residents can park on the other side. To see which side of the street is done first, use the date and the section number to zero in on the calendar HERE. (“S/W” stands for “south” and “west,” and “N/E” stands for “north” and “east.”)
The leaf-collection schedule runs from Tuesday through Dec. 20, although the City will do spot pickup as needed.
“Our goal is to get every street cleaned up by Christmas,” said McCain, who said leaf collection is an important part of routine maintenance that keeps Covington’s streets clean and storm sewers from getting clogged with debris.

City of Covington fleet mechanics Todd Marshall (on the ground) and Doug Meyung (driving the backhoe) assemble trucks for the 2019 leaf collection season.

Meanwhile, if your street has trees that need to be pruned because of damage, out-of-control growth, or obstructing branches, now is a great time to use the online iWorQ Service Request application to let Public Works know. Residents can download the iWorQ Service Request application from the app store on their phone or can access the form by going to www.talktomycity.com/Cov01. Should you need it, the “agency code” for Public Works requests is Cov01.
Note that City arborists often visit areas during scheduled leaf collection to take advantage of the clear streets to access high branches.
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