City Real Estate Tax Bills Reissued; City Working on Correction

COVINGTON - Today, corrected Real estate tax bills were sent out by the City to approximately 800 taxpayers who received incorrect bills three weeks ago.  An additional 400 corrected bills are currently being processed.


Subsequent to the City's mass mailing of the Real Estate Tax Bills in September, it was discovered that the City made an error with processing the data that calculated the bills.


The files received from Kenton County PVA that provided the assessment values of the properties were accurate, however, things went awry when the file did not successfully import into the City tax software used to calculate the real estate tax bills. 


The Finance Department has been diligently working to correct approximately 1,200 bills in total. 


Finance Director Lisa Goetz said, "We apologize for the inconvenience and we have spent the last three weeks reviewing the bills for accuracy".


The corrected bills have gone out with a letter explaining why a new bill is being received. This mailing went out today and is expected to be delivered by Monday, October 6. 


The due date on the new bills is October 31, 2014.  The new bill amounts are reflected on the city website in the Search & Pay Taxes section, which can be accessed here.


Taxpayers who have already paid their bill, and overpaid as a result of this error, will be receiving a refund check from the City of Covington.


"Some refunds are being processed this week and all of them are expected to be processed by October 31", said Vickie Cox, Assistant Finance Director.


Some bills have increased and some have been reduced as a result of the error.  


The Finance Department staff apologizes for the inconvenience caused. The Department's software system that is currently in place has been so since the 1970's and is being entirely replaced by 2015.


"Old technology like this just makes the risk of making mistakes much higher. We can't wait to welcome the new system." Goetz said.


If you have any particular questions, please contact Vickie Cox at 859 292 2325 or email her at