Fall Leaf Pick-up Collection: November 20 Through December

COVINGTON - The City's Department of Public Improvements (DPI) will be picking up loose and fallen leaves starting November 20 through to December.


Please see the map for the Season's Schedule beginning on November 20. This map shows the zoned sections where DPI crews will organize efforts.


For a more detailed street list for each section of the map, please see the corresponding list of individual streets to learn when work will commence on individual streets


DPI will also post Leaf pick-up notices in these target areas 24 hours before services begin to ensure residents are given prior notification.


Residents should note that not every part of the street will be cleaned. Only areas where a significant amount of foliage has fallen will be swept, or as otherwise needed.


According to Mike Whatley General Maintenance Supervisor for DPI, Residents in the target areas should follow these general guidelines:


Step 1. Review the zone map and see when DPI crews plan to come to your area. Prepare leaves for curbside placement in time for when collection is scheduled in your area. Crews will take both loose leaves and bagged leaves.


Step 2. The day before DPI crews are scheduled to come to your area of residence, put the leaves at the curbside. When doing this, please do not block the right of way for pedestrians. Leaves can either be bagged or just blown to the curb in a neat pile.


Step 3. Any leaves that are not picked up during scheduled times can be called in for a re-scheduled pick up at 859.292.2292.



Tips for Preparing your Loose Leaves for Curbside


A leaf pile properly prepared for pick up by the City of Covington is one that contains loose leaves with no other yard waste. Leaves should be placed behind the curb prior to crews reaching your neighborhood and set out in the open, away from obstructions.


Please separate tree trimmings, shrubs, and other types of yard debris from your loose leaves. These items can damage our vacuum equipment and create a safety hazard for our crews. Yard waste will continue to be collected on your scheduled Solid Waste collection day.


Leaves need to be raked to the curb and not into the street. Raking leaves into the street creates a safety hazard and can result in flooding when leaves are washed into the storm water system.


Please keep leaf piles away from obstructions such as parked vehicles, fire hydrants, mailboxes, fencing, designer landscaping, water meters, utility poles and guy wires. Our crews need room to work and do not want to damage our equipment or your property while collecting loose leaves.


In an effort to prevent damage to property and equipment, leaf piles with foreign objects or placed near obstructions may NOT be collected.


Leaves placed in clear plastic bags, biodegradable paper bags or separate solid containers and put out on your scheduled collection day will continue to be collected year round as part of the "yard waste collection" provided by Solid Waste Services.


The City of Covington appreciates your cooperation in helping make the loose leaf collection program a success!