311: The Way Things Work: Reporting a Pothole


Now that spring is here the City of Covington’s Department of Public Improvements (DPI) is working hard to repair potholes that have formed during the winter.

Potholes are a common problem in busy urban areas, particularly following a harsh winter. Potholes form as the result of snow and rain seeping into the soil below of the road surface. When this moisture freezes the ground expands, pushing the pavement up. When the temperature rises the ground thaws and returns to a normal level but the pavement remains raised, creating a cavity. As vehicles drive over this cavity the pavement cracks and falls into it. The constant freezing and thawing that occurs over the winter results in the numerous and sizeable potholes, particularly on heavily traveled roads.

DPI currently has crews out working 8 hours a day to repair potholes as quickly as they can. In order to be efficient in pothole repair efforts, DPI divides City streets by priority level. There are three priority levels:

High Priority: Streets designated as High Priority are typically major arterial and collector streets, or those abutting schools or hospitals. This does not include state and U.S. routes, which are maintained by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC). Potholes on these streets are fixed first.

Medium Priority: Streets designated as Medium Priority are minor collector streets, typically serving a single subdivision, or cul de sac streets. Potholes on these streets are fixed second.

Low Priority: Streets designated as Low Priority are stop sign approaches, alleys, and some parking lots. Potholes on these streets are fixed last.

If you have a pothole to report please call DPI at 292-2292. Potholes are typically repaired within 72 hours of notice.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is responsible for repairing potholes on state routes. If you have a pothole to report on those roads please contact KYTC District 6 at 859-341-2700, or visit their website.

To see a map of state maintained roads, click here.