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About Our Department

Covington’s Public Works Department helps build, maintain, and manage public infrastructure and the City’s physical assets in a manner that keeps them safe, functioning at a high level, and aesthetically pleasing. This includes not only streets, sidewalks, parks, trees, storm sewers, and levees but also the City’s buildings, vehicles, and equipment. This work is critical to creating a high quality of life for residents and a nurturing environment for business investment.

Address: 1730 Russell St.
Main number: (859) 292-2292.


Administration Division: Responsibilities include business and budget management, payroll, generating work orders, customer service, issuing right-of-way permits and handicapped parking signs, managing contracts, overseeing infrastructure improvement projects, pavement management, and GIS mapping.

  • Encroachment permit: Fill out and give to the City this application least 10 working days before you propose digging into sidewalks or streets or otherwise occupy the right-of-way of any streets, alleys, or public area.
  • Traffic control device: Fill out and give the City this form to begin the process of asking for a traffic signal device or sign on a public street.
  • Handicapped sign request: Fill out to apply for a designated handicapped parking sign in front of your home.

Fleet Management: Responsibilities include maintaining and repairing City vehicles and equipment, and acquisition and strategic planning of the City’s fleet. Certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) with its Blue Seal of Excellence, this division also contracts with other local governments to maintain their fleets.

General Maintenance: Responsibilities include street cleaning, leaf pickup, maintenance of grassy areas (other than parks), alley maintenance, litter control, graffiti abatement, river debris cleanup, dead animal removal, and floodwall maintenance.

Parks & Facilities Maintenance: Responsibilities include cutting grass and weeds in parks; maintaining playgrounds and ball fields; repair and maintenance of swim facilities; maintenance of the City garage, fire stations, and police headquarters; and operation and routine maintenance of flood protection systems.

Property Maintenance: Responsibilities include maintaining and securing vacant properties on the City Abandoned Urban Property list, as well as maintaining other associated City-owned property. Property Maintenance conducts countless special projects across division lines. 

Right of Way Maintenance: Responsibilities include filling potholes, curb repair and replacement, snow and ice response, traffic control signage and signals, “striping” of streets and parking areas, street lighting, slide repairs, and general road maintenance.

Storm Water Management: Responsibilities include oversight of the MS4 Permit program, a limited part of storm water management as it relates to the quality of rain runoff in Covington.

Urban Forestry: Responsibilities include maintaining the grounds of the 700+-acre Devou Park, landscaping on traffic islands and medians, and maintaining the urban tree canopy, including over 5,000 trees in the public right of way and commonly used park areas.

Job Openings

Want a job in the Public Works Department? Check for open positions on the City’s job listings page.

Infrastructure Concerns

iWorQ work order request: You can report a problem with the City’s infrastructure (and include a photo) using the iWorQ phone app and online link, also known as a Citizen Engagement Request.


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