Leaf Collection

Crews from the General Maintenance Division vacuum leaves from streets and sidewalks in neighborhoods toward the end of every year. The vacuuming saves residents and businesses the aggravation and cost of removing leaves and helps keep storm water catch basins from getting clogged.


Leaf collection begins in mid-autumn with the goal of having all leaves picked up by the holiday season. Downtown commercial streets are vacuumed once a week on a schedule that aligns with the regular street sweeping. Residential streets are vacuumed on the schedule below, with additional spot pickup as needed.

No parking

On-street parking is prohibited on leaf-collection days, and cars left in the path of the vacuum truck are subject to ticketing. The City collects leaves on the two sides of its streets on different days so residents can temporarily move their cars across the street, into their driveways, or to a side street that isn’t being vacuumed that day.

To find out when to move your car:

  • Signs: Streets in the commercial district that are swept weekly have permanent signage. In residential areas, crews put up temporary “parking restricted” signs on the business day before.
  • Emails: The City also sends notices to the email in-boxes of residents who sign up for that free service at Email signup. For an old release about leaf collection, see “Leaf pickup begins Oct. 25.”
  • Online: To find out in advance what day your residential street will have its leaves collected, click on the map below and type in your address. You will see two dates. One date corresponds to the north or east side of your street (depending on which way your street is aligned), and one corresponds to the south or west side of the street.

What else to know:

Residents can rake or blow leaves to the curb – not into the street – a day ahead of crews’ arrival. Leaf piles should be placed away from obstructions such as parked vehicles, fire hydrants, mailboxes, water meters, and landscaping. The piles should contain only loose leaves and no other yard waste.

Given time constraints and the number of streets that are serviced, the work MUST begin before every leaf has fallen from trees. Any leaves that are not picked up during scheduled times can be called in for a re-scheduled pick up at (859) 292-2292.


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