$560K of fresh asphalt

Among the streets paved last year was East 6th Street between Madison and Greenup.

Repaving on ‘worst’ streets in eight neighborhoods underway 

COVINGTON, Ky. – Over half a million dollars of fresh asphalt will soon be spread on Covington streets that, in the words of the City’s Public Works director, currently represent some of the “worst of the worst” driving experiences.
The streets – which fall in eight different neighborhoods – were selected after an outside agency surveyed and rated driving surfaces throughout Covington, Director Chris Warneford said.
“These were the ones that needed the most attention,” he said. “We will definitely get rid of some of the potholes we’ve been accumulating.”
All told, nearly 40,000 square yards of asphalt will be laid under the contract approved by the Covington Board of Commissioners this week with Riegler Blacktop Inc.
The contract – for $559,191.85 – falls in line with what the City typically spends each year through its Capital Street Resurfacing Program, but the rising cost of asphalt means the money won’t go as far, Warneford said.
The City intended to begin the contract next week, but an unexpected opening in Riegler’s schedule meant the work started today, on and around Juarez Drive in South Covington.
“When the weather is good, you want to get it done,” he said.
The list of streets include locations in the Lewisburg, West Latonia, South Covington, Westside, Eastside, MainStrasse Village, Levassor Park, and Latonia-Rosedale neighborhoods.
Here is the list of streets to be paved, not counting some side streets coming off those streets: 
  • Baker Street, from Lewis to West 9th.
  • Clifford Avenue, from Southern to Daniel Goodenough.
  • Gribble Drive, from Siffel to Kidwell.
  • Juarez Circle, from Crystal Lake to the northwest cul-de-sac.
  • Old Montague, from Sleepy Hollow to Home.
  • Pleasant Street, from Garrard to Greenup.
  • West 6th Street, from Johnson to Philadelphia.
  • East 26th Street, from Madison to Eastern.
  • East 42nd Street, from Decoursey to Huntington.
Parking will be restricted at times during the repaving. Signs will be posted, and affected residents will also receive notices either through the mail or posted on their doors.
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