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Christmas Tree Recycling Available To Covington Residents

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COVINGTON, Ky – The City of Covington Department of Public Improvements Urban Forestry Division and Rumpke Waste & Recycling are offering Covington residents two ways to recycle natural Christmas trees this year.

Residents can either have trees picked up curbside or drop trees off at one of two locations.

Curbside pickup will take place January 4-18. Residents must contact Rumpke at 1-877-786-7537 or 48 hours in advance to request curbside tree collection. After tree collection is requested, the pick-up will occur the same day as trash collection.

Residents can also drop off trees December 28-January 18 at Hands Pike Park parking lot, located at Tripoli Lane and Hands Pike, or at the Devou Park Urban Forestry Garage located at 1700 Montague Road. Residents should call 859-292-2292 for more information about the tree drop offs.

Residents should prepare their trees for recycling by removing all lights, tinsel and other decorations. Trees should not be placed in plastic bags.

The recycled tress will be converted into mulch which will be used by the City's Urban Forestry Division and offered to residents for free.

“Every year, roughly 40 million tons of compostable yard waste end up in landfills. In the past, Christmas trees have contributed to this number,” said Sheila Fields, Solid Waste Coordinator.

“This program allows us to give a gift to our community. Urban Forestry will convert the trees into mulch that residents can use for their personal gardens, community gardens or neighborhood beautification efforts.”

To find out how to schedule a mulch pick up, contact the Department of Public Improvements at 859-292-2292 for more information.