Three Firefighter Promotions and Addition of Police Cadet Complete Goal of Increased Public Safety Staffing

COVINGTON, Ky. – The City of Covington promoted three Firefighters and added a new part-time Police Cadet at the Board of Commissioners’ meeting on Tuesday night, completing a goal of increased police and fire staffing levels.

In October of this year, Covington passed legislation approving an increase in Police Department staffing levels from 106 to 110 employees and Fire Department levels from 109 to 110.

Tiffany Schuler was added as a part-time Police Department cadet. Her employment follows the addition of three officers who were hired on November 10.

Timothy Cochran, Scott Menefee, and John Adkisson were all lateral transfers from other area law enforcement departments. Having already completed the 23 weeks of state-required training, the officers were able to quickly begin work in Covington.

The firefighter promotions are the result of the addition of a Captain position, approved on December 8. The new position will allow for a Captain to cover each shift in Car 9, the Fire Department’s inspection services, adding more supervision and oversight.

Mike Lee was promoted from Lieutenant/EMT to Captain/EMT, filling the newly created opening. Mike Davis was promoted from Engineer/EMT to Lieutenant/EMT and Joe Finan was promoted from Firefighter/EMT to Engineer/EMT. All candidates were at the top of their respective promotional lists.

“The Mayor and Commissioners are very pleased to add to our public safety positions, especially increasing Police Department staffing from 106 to 110. This is the first time in several years that the City budget has allowed for additional police officer positions,” said City Manager Larry Klein. “We are very proud of the job that all our City employees do every day to serve our residents and businesses.”