To provide independent, objective auditing and consulting services to evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls and ensure compliance with policies, procedures, and laws.

Audit Selection Process

The Internal Auditor develops an Annual Audit Plan based upon a citywide risk assessment.  The risk assessment is a means to identify, measure, and prioritize potential audits based on the level of risk to the City.  Additional factors such as external audits, City initiatives and management concerns are also considered when developing the Internal Auditor’s work plan.


  • Conduct scheduled audits to evaluate internal controls, and ensure compliance with policies, regulations, and provisions with City contracts.
  • Make cost effective recommendations for activities needing improvements.
  • Follow up with prior audits to determine if agreed upon recommendations were implemented.
  • Provide consulting services to address specific management issues and concerns.
  • Investigate allegations of workplace fraud involving City resources.


All audit reports conducted by the Internal Auditor can be viewed below: