About Our Department

The mission of the Covington Fire Department is to minimize the loss of life and property caused by fires, medical emergencies, and other disasters. It accomplishes that mission through fire suppression, emergency medical service, hazard mitigation, fire prevention, fire education, and other emergency and non-emergency activities.

The Department is divided into three divisions: Fire & Rescue, Emergency Medical, and Fire Prevention.

Fire & Rescue Services

Led by a command staff, the Department provides fire and rescue service from five fire stations (see below) utilizing four engines, two ladder trucks, one specialized rescue truck, and five advanced life support (ALS) ambulances.

  • Annual Report: For detail about services, run types, and volume, see the 2019 Annual Report
  • Incident Reports: To request a copy of an Incident Report, fill out this FORM and email it to
  • Child Seat Installation: To schedule an appointment for this service, email your contact information to Allow 3-5 business days for a response.
  • RV and campers: RV & Camper inspections are done by the State Fire Marshal’s office, (502) 573-1795.
  • Public Protection Classification – ISO Rating: To see Covington’s 2017 rating, click HERE

Emergency Medical Services

The Department staffs five ALS ambulances on a 24/7 basis that respond to over 9,000 calls for service a year. The three full-time ambulances and two cross-staffed ambulances are strategically stationed in firehouses throughout Covington and are dispatched to 911 calls.

  • Billing: The City bills for EMS services, and therefore patients will receive a bill in the mail from Digitech/Intermedix, our third-party billing agency, after their insurance claim has been processed. The Ambulance Service Fee Schedule can be seen HERE and you can pay online at Questions can be directed to Digitech/Intermedix at (888) 987-2083 or the Fire Department at (859) 292-2345.
  • Patient Records: If you are a patient and want to request a copy of your EMS Run Report, complete this FORM and email it to; or have your attorney email the request and a signed release to, or fax it to (859) 431-3315. All patient record requests are free and filled within three business days. If you do not receive your records, contact us at (859) 292-2340 or email
  • HIPAA: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or HIPAA, requires us to provide you a Notice of Privacy Practices regarding the protection of your health-care information.
  • EMS Student & ER Nurse Ride-Along: The Fire Department has educational affiliation agreements with numerous local EMT & Paramedic Training Programs that enable their students to perform their required Clinical Field Internship on Covington ambulances. We also have an agreement with St. Elizabeth Medical Center that allows SEMC ER Registered Nurses to ride along on the ambulances as “observers” to better understand the environments where their patients originate and the challenges of providing pre-hospital medical care. Authorized students and nurses can contact their program director for the link to the online ride time schedule. Pertinent documents required for performing ride time are listed below.
  • CPR & First Aid Training: The Fire Department can help you find CPR and first-aid training. Email EMS Chief Gary Rucker at or call (859) 292-2345 with your contact information and requested class type (it may take 2-3 business days for a reply).

Fire Prevention Bureau

Community Risk Reduction

  • Fire Inspections: Contact us with questions about fire codes, violation concerns, or to schedule a fire inspection for your business at Or call (859) 292-2347 to reach the voicemail of our inspection office.
  • Fire Investigations: If you have information regarding an ongoing Fire Investigation please contact Fire Prevention Bureau Chief Greg Salmons at, or call (859) 292-2344. If you want a copy of a fire investigation report, fill out this FORM and email it to
  • Smoke Detectors: The Red Cross helps families who have experienced loss from fires, including shelter, food, and clothing. Through its Home Fire Campaign, the agency also offers and installs smoke detectors. For details, visit the Red Cross website HERE.
  • Safe Place: All firehouses are Safe Places and provide immediate help and safety for children.

Learn more about Safe Places, HERE.

Community Education

  • Fire Safety Education: is available to all 4th grade students in Covington; call (859) 292-2347 or send an email to for information or to schedule a date.
  • Fire Extinguisher Training: Call (859) 292-2347 or send an email to for information about this service or to schedule an event.
  • Fire Safety House: The Fire Department has access to a “Fire Safety House” that can be used for educational purposes or for events and festivals within Covington. The Fire Safety House features simulated smoke and fire events to educate the public on how to safely get out of a building during a fire. At least 30 days before your event, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (859) 292-2347 or

Additional resources: FEMA’s Fire Safety & Prevention Information

The U.S. Fire Administration, HERE, has a range of information about fire prevention, including information about:

Open Burning

  • Chapter 91.02 of the Covington Code of Ordinances, HERE, spells out rules for open burning and so-called recreational fires in the City.
  • Kenton County annually issues a limited “burn ban” order. Here is the one issued in 2021: HERE.
  • The Kentucky Division of Air Quality's open burning rules and regulations can be read HERE.

Fire Stations

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