About Our Department

The Legal Department performs or oversees all legal representation for City of Covington departments and officials.  Some examples of areas of practice include providing legal advice to City staff, the Board of Commissioners, and other City boards and commissions.  The ​Legal ​Department also assists other departments with reviewing and drafting various legal memoranda.  In addition, the ​Legal ​Department manages litigation in federal and state courts and oversees the administration of the City’s self-insurance program.  The​ Legal Department also manages the City's Alcoholic Beverage Control ​Program, overseeing compliance and licensing of all alcohol-related businesses in the City.

The office is led by the City Solicitor who works collaboratively with Assistant City Solicitors and support staff to ensure all matters requiring legal review and representation are handled appropriately and professionally.

The Legal Department and its staff are not permitted to give personal legal advice. Those needing legal advice or assistance should contact a private attorney or the Northern Kentucky Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service (859-781-1525).

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