Breaking it down

COVINGTON, Ky. -- Excavators are like a Swiss Army knife or Leatherman – with the right set of attachments, you can pretty much handle any job.

Which is another way of saying that O’Rourke Wrecking has ALL the tools, and it’s employing a variety of them as its crews continue to sweep clean the 23-acre former IRS data-processing complex and prepare the site for development.

In the photographs above, a set of hydraulic metal shears on the end of an excavator’s arm is being used to cut massive I-beams into small pieces for easier transport. All of that metal scrap is being sold to AK Steel, where it will be melted and eventually remolded. 

Another photograph below shows the concrete footers and pads, plus an array of bigger-than-usual rebar, (looks to be about #8, by our non-educated guess).

For the history of the site and future plans, see the City’s Covington Central Riverfront Development page.