Summer street cleaning starts July 8

Signs, link below show schedule to move vehicle
COVINGTON, Ky. – Covington’s Public Works Department will begin its annual summer cleaning of residential streets on July 8, and “aesthetic appeal” is only one reason for the effort.
More importantly, it’s a critical part of maintenance that prevents flooding by keeping debris out of storm water catch basins and prevents deterioration of streets and curbs by keeping dirt and weeds from getting a foothold in cracks.
In other words, it saves taxpayers money.
“Sweeping streets regularly is more than just a matter of making the streets presentable, it’s also a sanitation issue and a drainage issue,” said Troy McCain, supervisor of Public Works’ General Maintenance Division. “Keeping curb lines, gutters, and streets clean of debris helps our infrastructure last longer and function better.”
That’s why the City is urging residents to move their cars to the other side of the street or into their driveways on their assigned mornings.
The summer cleaning cycle or residential streets will last two months, with each street “swept” over a two-day period (one side of the street done each day). On-street parking on the affected side of the street is restricted on its assigned day.
Advance notice
Signs will be posted on the business day before in residential areas, warning vehicle owners to move their vehicles. (Streets in the commercial district that are swept weekly have permanent signage.)
Car owners who expect to be on vacation during the next two months can check ahead of time on this easy-to-navigate online page HERE. Simply type in your address where indicated. You will see two dates. One date corresponds to the north or east side of your street (depending on which way it’s aligned), and one corresponds to the south or west side of the street.
The sweeper operates 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. but is generally finished before lunch, McCain said.
Note that while the City suspended ticketing for more than a year starting in March 2020 because of the pandemic and people working from home, ticketing has resumed, given the importance of ongoing street maintenance.
Residents who have questions, comments, or concerns about the street-sweeping process should reach out to Public Works at (859) 292-2292. As always, anybody with a parking enforcement issue or ticketing concern should reach out to City contractor ABM Parking Services at (859) 431-7049.
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