Street Sweeping Schedule


The City's schedule for street sweeping is based on zoned sections within Covington. Certain streets are swept on a weekly basis. All others are swept seasonally. 

The map below shows the zoned sections where the Department of Public Works crews organize efforts. Highlighted streets are swept on a weekly basis. Parking signage is posted throughout these areas to notify residents and visitors when parking is restricted for street sweeping. See a listing of individual streets and what section they are located in.

On-street parking is restricted on sweep days. In all instances where permanent signage is not available, 24 hour notice will be given via temporary signage in the area of impact before street sweeping begins. 

Residents in the target areas should follow these guidelines:

  1. Review the map and calendar calendar below to see when Public Works crews will be in your area. Avoid parking in areas where ‘No Parking’ signs have been posted. If cars are found parked in the area on that day, vehicles may be ticketed.
  2. The day before Public Works crews are scheduled to sweep your area, we encourage you to clean the sidewalk in front of your residence and sweep any small debris into the street to be picked up by the sweepers. Please avoid placing large items in the street, however.
  3. If your street has trees that you think need to be serviced, now is a great time to call Public Works and let them know. Arborists are also notified of the street sweeping schedule and will often visit these areas at the same time to take advantage of the clear streets to access high branches.


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