Spring street-sweeping begins April 1

Residents must move cars on their assigned days

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Since this release was published, the City has simplified the process through which to find out when your street is going to be swept. Just go to the link to the map below and type in your address.)

COVINGTON, Ky. – Covington’s Public Works Department will begin its annual spring cleaning of residential streets on April 1 – and the success of the effort will depend on the cooperation of residents moving their cars (to the other side of the street, into their driveways, around the block) so the street sweeper can operate. 

Every car left on the street will directly cause that much more trash to be left behind, that much more dirt to be left to lodge in crevices and sprout weeds, and that much more debris left to wash into storm water catch basins and cause backups, said Troy McCain, supervisor of Public Works’ General Maintenance Division.
“Sweeping streets regularly is more than just a matter of making the streets presentable, it’s also a sanitation issue and a drainage issue,” McCain said. “Keeping curb lines, gutters, and streets clean of debris helps our infrastructure last longer and function better. But we can’t do it if people leave their cars in the way.”
The “spring cleaning” will last two months, with each street “swept” over a two-day period (one side of the street done each day). On-street parking on the affected side of the street is restricted on its assigned day.
Residents have two ways to find out the day they need to move their car: Via signs and online.
Streets in the commercial district are swept weekly and have permanent signage.
On residential streets that are swept seasonally, temporary “parking restricted” signs will be put up on the business day before, generally 24 hours or more ahead of time.
The sweeper operates 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. but is generally finished before lunch, McCain said.
Online schedule
To find out when your street will be swept:
  • Find your street on this map, HERE. (Note you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to enlarge the map.)
  • Once a section number appears, click on it to retrieve the two-day period that Public Works will be on your street (one side of the street will be swept each day).
  • To further narrow down the date, find those dates on this calendar HERE, which tells which side of the street will be swept. (“N” equals “north,” “E” equals “east” etc.)
The online map and calendar are particularly helpful for people who plan to be out of town.
“Moving your vehicles on time may be inconvenient, but it is a quick and easy way for residents to make a difference in our community,” Assistant City Manager Bruce Applegate said. “Each car moved prevents the buildup of trash and debris that impacts Covington’s curb appeal and improves the functionality of our storm sewer systems.”
Residents who have questions, comments, or concerns about the street-sweeping process should reach out to Public Works at (859) 292-2292. As always, anybody with a parking enforcement issue or ticketing concern should reach out to City contractor ABM Parking Services at (859) 431-7049.
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