Leaves & kickball

Think you have a lot of leaves to rake up? Covington’s Public Works Department today began its annual tour across the city, picking up the mess of autumn on streets with trees in the public right of way.
Manning the vacuum on Greenup Street in this picture this morning is seasonal Prince Baker; blowing the leaves are, from left, seasonal Patrick Reynolds, laborer IV James Payne, and driver Bryan Snider; and driving the truck is laborer V James Johnson.
The City has two crews out today cleaning the streets.
(To decide the lineup of the crews, General Maintenance Supervisor Troy McCain said the division shook things up and had crew “captains” take turns picking members – “just like you did playing kickball when you were a kid.” To prank one veteran worker, the "captains" even secretly conspired to have him picked last, McCain said.)
For more information about leaf collection and to find out when your street is to be swept, see HERE.

The goal is to get the leaves picked up by Christmas.

Be watchful of the “No Parking” signs.