Ride Along Application

Ride Along Application

The Ride-Along Program has been established to develop a sense of mutual respect and understanding between the police and citizens in the community. Citizens of the community are therefore encouraged to ride with officers during a tour of duty. Individuals are eligible to participate include:

A. Private Citizens - This category includes citizens (at least 18 years of age) within the community who wish to broaden their experience and knowledge of the police function. Individuals who are from outside the community and are members of civic organizations or college student expressing an academic interest or need to participate as an observer of police activities may also participate under this category. Participation is limited to once in any twelve (12) month period.

B. Non-sworn personnel employed by the agency.

C. Other Law Enforcement Personnel - This category includes any full-time law enforcement officer employed by a local, state or federal law enforcement agency displaying appropriate identification. Participation is limited to once in any six (6) month period. (This program does not apply to officer from other agencies actively involved in an investigation concerning both jurisdiction.)

D. Member of the News Media

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