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Contact Numbers

For emergencies call 911. For non-emergency, police-related matters, call 859-356-3191.

Patrol Supervisors: 292-2258

Criminal Investigations Bureau: 292-2234

Narcotics/Vice (D-Team): 292-2236

Traffic Unit: 292-2252

Records Unit: 292-2230

Crime Lab: 292-2227

To file an Officer complaint, please call 859-292-2258

Community Liaison Team

The Covington Police Department prides itself on engaging the citizens and communities it serves to identify and promptly address concerns. It actively sponsors and supports a citywide Neighborhood Watch Program and has specific officers assigned to a Community Liaison Team. Community Liaison Officers Rachel White and Alex Birkley work within our Patrol Bureau and participate in numerous community meetings. They follow up on concerns within the community, attend school functions, and share information throughout the department. They also work with other entities inside and outside the city to address quality-of-life issues.

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