Licking River Greenway

The Licking River Greenway and Trails (LRGT) is an ambitious effort to build an interconnected urban trail through the Licking River corridor, connecting the cities of Covington, Taylor Mill, Wilder and Newport, Kentucky. In its completion the trail system will span 12-14 miles.

Trail access can be found behind Holmes High School at the corner of Levassor and Eastern Ave. Additional locations to access the trail include the dead end of E. 16th Street, Clayton-Meyer Park and behind Randolph Park. Covington's trail includes 1.5 miles of nature trail, .75 miles of paved trails, and approximately 2.5 miles of trail utilizing sidewalk and road infrastructure.

Covington was the first city to begin implementation of the trail. The Licking River Greeway and Trail broke ground in Covington in 2010 and to date has grown to a more than five mile multi-modal structure connecting the neighborhoods of Latonia, Wallace Woods, Austinburg, Eastside, and Historic Licking Riverside.

The LRGT features a series of 17 murals celebrating the Licking River, its ecosystems, and the people who enjoy its beauty.  Learn more about each mural.

Devou Park Trails

With around 15 miles of trails that cater to all types and levels of physical ability, Devou Park makes the outdoors accessible to all its residents and visitors. Devou Park offers a variety of trail options, including paved walking and bike trails, nature trails, and trails specifically catering to off-road cyclists.

The Devou Park Backcountry Trail Expansion Project is a multi-year, multi-phase project started in 2003 to establish destination-class natural surface trails. A collaboration between the City of Covington, the Devou Park Advisory Committee and the Greater Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance, the trails project has built, expanded, and improved miles of trails through the western half of Devou Park. The project is currently in Phase III of planning and fundraising. Phase III work includes repaired and expanded trails, optimized for off-road biking by using the latest building techniques in flow trail design.


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