Tortured poets & a new Latonia attraction


COVINGTON, Ky. – If you’re a sports card collector, a Swiftie, or someone who still believes in sending handwritten letters to friends and loved ones, then this weekend promises a good time.

But don’t fret if you’re none of those things. The Cov also offers live music, a market with local produce and food goods, a food tour, a swing dance class, a comedy show, and more, so don’t stay home.

Byron, Rimbaud, Tennyson, & … Swift

Not that one has to suffer to create great art, but blank pages, a canvas, or even a music studio can offer great solace in unpacking one’s grief, woe, or fury. Since the dawn of time, romance, especially  – both its beginnings and ends – has spawned creative works. That brings us to the Saturday’s event at Left Bank Coffee House.

The “Tea” Swift Party & Official Meeting of The Tortured Poets Department at Left Bank will be a celebration of Taylor Swift’s 11th album (hence the event’s name), which is set for release Friday. There’s some speculation that the album might include songs inspired by a former beau (“former” being the key word). Likely not a stretch. A lot of other artists chime in with their voice on the album; odds are that they too have been scorned a time or two or been sad or mad about something. Nice of Ms. Swift to offer them space on her album.

As for Left Bank, it knows how to throw a fine album release party. You’ll be treated to themed drinks … new retail from their cool, chic, and magnificent Maison Covington shop … an Outdoor Listening Party … Photo Opps … and a Black Out Poetry Station (so plan to release your own tortured poet).

Note: We haven’t been told that Taylor S. will be there, but then again we’ve not been told she won’t be.

Trading cards (without the bubblegum)

Remember when you could buy a mediocre pack of bubblegum but it came with really cool sports cards? Things have changed a bit. Sure, you can still find rock hard bubblegum out there, but as for the cards, well, these days, they’re worth a bigger chunk of change.

For instance, if you’re looking to add a Caitlin Clark rookie sports card to your collection, get ready to shell out big bucks. Back in January, a one-of-a-kind Bowman University Superfractor Caitlin Clark Rookie card sold for $78,000. That placed the University of Iowa Hawkeyes guard as the second-most expensive sports card in all of women’s sports.

Sports card collectors predict Clark will boost the value of WNBA cards, so keep your eye out for one at the Hit Seekers Sports Cards & Memorabilia Show at Braxton Brewing Co. on Saturday. The event is just the place to add to your sports card collection, make trades, and immerse yourself in a roomful of sports collectibles and more.

Paint, stamp, send

Digital technology is great, except for how it’s pretty much supplanted letter writing.

National Card and Letter Writing Month (which is throughout April) is likely more of a way to honor and celebrate the efforts of the mail service, but there’s a workshop on Saturday that celebrates the personal thought that’s really at the marrow of writing and sending a card or letter.

Watercolor Brush Painting Card Making – A Celebration of Card and Letter Writing Month at Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop on Saturday will be led by local artist Emily Rose. She’ll guide you through the creation of a beautiful card that you’ll create by using watercolor brush pens and drawing. It’s up to you to determine who gets to find the treasure in their mailbox.

Corner café grand opening

Plan to head over to Ritte’s Corner on Sunday for Farm Cat | Ritte’s Corner Café Grand Opening.

Kick off a great start for Ritte’s with music from Farm Cat, a new lighted dance floor, pool tables, and a new stage.

The café and bar, which opens this weekend, is located in the old Ivey’s Tavern spot at 3711 Winston Ave. (across from B&E Decorating Center).

Live music

Tonight: Cool Cool Cool at Madison Live … The Missy Werner Band at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant … The Chuck Brisbin Trio at Smoke Justis.

Friday: Big Something: Headspace Tour at Madison Theater … Leroy Ellington at Smoke Justis … Sophia Troyer Trio at Juniper’s.

Saturday: T.E. Burn the World Tour at The Rooftop at Madison Theater … Maggie Rose: No One Gets Out Alive Tour at Madison Live … Chantelle & The Digs at Smoke Justis … The Gimlets at Juniper’s.


Tonight: Wine Tasting at Crafts & Vines … Gin & Jive: Learn to Swing Dance at Juniper’s … Thirsty Thursday Bingo at Frosthaus.

Friday: Game Night at Kenton County Public Library.

Saturday: Covington Farmers Market at Braxton Brewing Co. … MainStrasse Village Food TourReflections in Nature Meditation at Kenton County Public Library … Painting with Adam Lusso: “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa,” by Hokusai at Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop … A Night of Laughs with the Patton Brothers at The Village Theater.

Sunday: Music Bingo at Frosthaus.