The Reds, a YA author & a picker’s paradise

COVINGTON, Ky. – It’s quite possible that you’re sitting at the Great American Ball Park when this Weekend in #LoveTheCov lands in the email on your mobile device. And we’re fairly confident you’ll see it in a timely fashion because you told your boss you had to work from home today and have been checking your emails with unprecedented frequency to keep up that charade.

(We’re not judging. It’s the Reds Opening Day and wherever you are is where you should be.)

In fact, even if you’re not at the ballpark you’re probably at a cool establishment in The Cov sipping a beer, because Opening Day events started early. They last long too, so you’re sure to find a good spot for a post-game brew.

Of course, the weekend is about more than baseball. Beyond the diamond – and before you have to dye Easter eggs – there’s lots more fun to be had. Scroll down (pretend you’re working).

Batter up!

Who isn’t ready for baseball after UK’s sorry display on the basketball court against Oakland last week? (Sure, we’d be ready regardless, but it sure set us up to celebrate a different sport/new season.) Kick it off right here in The Cov.

As always, please forgive us for anyone not mentioned here, but we’re pretty certain you’ll find a celebratory atmosphere wherever you go in The Cov today. Here’s what we found:

Opening Day at Braxton Brewing Co. kicks off the inaugural first game of the season with its new Rally hard Seltzer, Cracker Jacks (now they’re talkin’), Dewey’s Pizza, and lots of brews on tap.

… The Opening Day in The Cov Street Party at Smoke Justis is going to shut down Court Street for a big ol’ good time at Roebling Point’s Opening Day Street Party, with an outdoor build-a-bar, Cincinnati Reds-themed shenanigans, live music as well as a DJ between sets, and a live broadcast from the Bourbon Lounge with ESPN 1530.

… Opening Day at Covington Yard features their “Big Red Machine Cocktail” and heralds the opening day of their new adjoining space, the historic Firehouse at Covington Yard, which is a fantastic renovation/transformation of the historic Covington Firehouse #2.

Meet a local YA author tonight

When Covington-based author Christen Randall isn’t writing joyful stories for the next generation of fabulous “geeky gay kids,” they’re likely working at the library or planning the Dungeon & Dragons campaigns they’ll most definitely run one day.

“The No-Girlfriend Rule” is Randall’s debut novel, and the first 10 patrons at the Meet Local Author Christen Randall event tonight at the Kenton County Public Library will get a free signed copy of this young adult coming-of-age romance.  

Calling all Kentucky pickers

The Roost Latonia’s two-day The Roost Latonia Garage Sale on Friday and Saturday will bring “Kentucky flair to the picker’s paradise.”

More than 5,000 items (nay, treasures!) await the discerning eyes of seasoned pickers to be cast upon them, seeing their value, and snatching ‘em up.

A hot morning brew will await you, so sleep in your clothes, roll out of bed, and get there first.

Transformative exhibit

You know that person you went to school with who is in a state of arrested development of around the 10th grade, when their popularity, athletic prowess, and relevance peaked? You won’t find them at the Opening Reception: Suspended Between Forms exhibit at The Carnegie on Friday. That’s because this exhibit is all about human transformation – how we change and what promotes it internally and externally.

The exhibit also examines when transformation goes beyond the socially acceptable norms and become monstrous (Hmm, who or what comes to mind?).

The Carnegie says that “Writer Zito Madu curates an exhibition of objects and installations that explore transformation, represented in a range of media.” Madu’s memoir, “The Minotaur at Calle Lanza,” spurs the examination of both psychological and physiological labyrinths, mirroring, and the broad mythologies and changes we all undergo (except for your former classmate … and maybe a few politicians).

Beneath a Vietnam sky

Local artist Steve Nassano recently returned from a trip to Vietnam, and he’s going to create a painting of that country’s stunning skyline right before your eyes at Art in Action – Steve Nassano at Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop on Saturday.

Don’t think for a minute that he’ll let The Cov’s local beauty go unnoticed, because he’ll also create a painting of the Roebling Suspension Bridge.

Make plans now to sit alongside Steve and chat with him while he paints. Bet you learn a thing or two about art and about Vietnam.

Little bursts of color

Crocuses might be tiny but they sure do announce the arrival of spring in a big way, their diminutive but determined points pushing through the soil.

On Saturday, why not learn to embroider these strong-willed blooms, so you came keep them throughout the year? The Embroidered Crocus Flower Class at Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop will teach you how to create a beautiful crocus and rosemary sprig stitch-by-stitch. It’s a beginner workshop, so they’ll even show you how to thread the needle. There’s a fee that includes all the materials you’ll need.

Live Music

Tonight: Too Many Zooz with Michael Wilbur at Madison Theater … Alex Poteet at Smoke Justis … The Missy Werner Band at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant.

Friday: K Camp at Madison Theater … The Lee Dixon Duo at Smoke Justis … Estrada Do Sol at Juniper’s.

Saturday: Spafford at Madison Theater … Sea of Treachery at Madison Live … Project Doyle at Braxton Brewing Co. … Angela Combs Duo at Smoke Justis.

Sunday: Tastefull with Zoo, Limelight, and Anemic Royalty at Madison Live … Billy Brown at Zazou Grill & Pub.


Tonight: Life Lessons: Free, Fun, Food Budgeting 101 at Kenton County Public Library … Clases de Ingles/ESL Classes at Kenton County Public Library … Gin & Jive: Learn to Swing Dance at Juniper’s.

Friday: Graeter’s Monthly Donut Pop-Up at Braxton Brewing Co. … Community Art Show by Baker Hunt Art & DBL Law at DBL Law.

Saturday: Covington Farmers Market at Braxton Brewing Co. … Scarlet Begonias Flower Truck Pop-Up at Cedar Restaurant … Moyen Age Early Music Group at Kenton County Public Library.