No political signs on public property

Candidates’ signs herald the arrival of campaign season. Here’s a photo taken in the 1970s by a photographer for the now defunct The Kentucky Post. (Photo used courtesy of the Kenton County Public Library)

City to remove campaign posters in the right of way

COVINGTON, Ky. – With election season about to engulf Covington, the City is reminding candidates and their supporters that political signs are not to be placed on public property.

That includes parks, medians, promenades, tree wells, the trees themselves, utility poles, streets signs, and strips of grass that run between public sidewalks and streets.

City staff are authorized to remove candidates’ signs in those areas, just as they can remove signs for businesses, organizations, and causes placed without an encroachment permit.

Other reminders:

  • Signs are also prohibited in the state-maintained right of way, i.e. along state routes maintained by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.
  • The placement of political signs on private property should occur only with the permission of that property owner. If that permission was not sought and granted, the property owner has the authority to remove that sign.

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