Trash-recycling bill delayed

Separate storm water fee due as usual by March 31

COVINGTON, Ky. – Covington homeowners will have more time this year to pay the annual fee for curbside collection of trash and recycling.

In past years, the City included the fee on the same bill that included the annual storm water fee, which was mailed to residents last week.

This year, the trash collection portion of the bill is being delayed to give the Covington Board of Commissioners time to take a harder look at the critical public service and its funding.

“This delay will have virtually no impact on residents,” Finance Director Steve Webb said. “It just moves payment a little deeper into the same year.”

Storm water

The storm water bill sent out to non-commercial property owners – set at $54.48 for most homeowners – is due by March 31, as it is every year. (Commercial property owners are billed quarterly.)

Bills can be seen (and paid) online at Annual Property Fees. To see your bill, click “Search,” then “Property Tax,” and then pick the search tool in the drop-down menu.

Solid waste/recycling

The annual fee for residential property owners for weekly curbside collection of solid waste (i.e. “trash) and recycling will be sent out later this year. The fee during the 2023 calendar year for homeowners was $152.52, as it has been for almost 10 years.


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