Moon fest & goat soap

COVINGTON, Ky. – We’re told there will be a full moon tonight, but good luck seeing it through the dense blanket of clouds we’ve had for days (and feels like we’ll have ’til the end of time). Nevertheless, there’s a Full Moon Fest happening tonight that you won’t want to miss.

Elsewhere in The Cov this weekend, we’ve got the usual good music (including an album release party at Madison Live), a soap-making workshop, an event where you’ll draw your favorite ’90s cartoon characters, a paint party, a sports card show, trivia, and more. Stay dry and have fun.

See what the cards have to say

The Wolf Moon will reach its peak illumination mid-day today while below the horizon, but it will be visibly full by evening (if the dang clouds will pass) when you’re in the midst of an insightful tarot and/or palm reading at Creative House of Art & Design (aka CHAD).

The Full Moon Fest at CHAD is the place for you to delve into the repressed fears and insecurities that are limiting your potential. After all, this Full Wolf Moon in the zodiac sign of Leo and opposes Pluto. It’s all about letting go of people, thoughts, or things that keep you from living your best life. What’s holding you back? Get to the bottom of it tonight with someone who can turn a card or look at your palm and say, “Whoa.” We’re talking a karmic death and rebirth here, Phoenix.

As for why this moon is called the Wolf Moon? Apparently wolves are especially active and howling this time of year, and they start traveling in packs. If that’s so, best “stay on the road and keep off the moors.”

The PH of goat soap

You might find yourself Googling “everything you need to know about raising goats” after Friday’s  Bahh … Goat Soap Workshop at The Roost Latonia. That way, you’ll have an ample supply of goat milk to make your own goat soap.

Did you know that soap made from goat milk is a natural cleanser that balances skin pH because, believe it or not, goat milk has a similar pH to our own skin? Odds are it will brighten your skin tone because lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy that serves as a mild exfoliant, and as such, and it has antioxidant properties of vitamins A,C,D, E, and B. Plus, goat milk has selenium and that might help prevent skin cancer.

Now, if all of that isn’t enough to convince you, there’s the fact that the goat – that lively, independent, intelligent, inquisitive animal – is kind of the beloved unofficial animal of The Cov, so anything goat-themed is cool as far as we’re concerned.

Bart, Stewie & Spongebob

For a small fee, Drink Draw & Drag at Creative House of Art & Design on Saturday includes all the instruction and materials you’ll need to create a masterpiece, your first drink of the evening, tasty charcuterie, and an “epic” drag performance featuring Queen Quasi.

As if all that lineup of good stuff isn’t enough for a perfect evening, the theme is ’90s cartoons. So brush up on your Bart, Homer, Marge, and Lisa Simpson … Stewie and Peter Griffin ... Tommy Pickles … Chuckie Finster … Scrooge McDuck … Taz … SpongeBob SquarePants … Daria … Stimpy … Arnold … Pinky … The Brain … and more.

A rookie Griffey card?

First you scrounged for empty pop bottles. Then you cashed them in at Wentworth’s Market for a nickel apiece. Then you bought a few packs of baseball cards. And then you took the cards to school and “flipped” them on the playground at recess and before and after school, playing games like “Closests” … “Knockdowns” ... and “Covers.”

Whether you won or lost, the result was always damage to the cards – bent corners, scuffed photos, stains and the like.

If that was your childhood memories, then you too suffer the dueling feelings of nostalgia and regret. Because who knew that those cards would be worth money one day?

If you don’t know what we mean, then check out the Hit Seekers Sports Cards & Memorabilia Show on Saturday at Braxton Brewing Co.

Bet there won’t be a bent corner in the house.

Live music

Tonight: The Missy Werner Band at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant … Beyond the Stage Live Presents Kevin McCoy Band at Madison Live … Ricky Nye at Juniper’s … Alex Poteet at Smoke Justis.

Friday: Estrada Do Sol at Juniper’s … Chantelle & The Digs at Smoke Justis … E The Profit Presents “Winter In Cincinnati” at Madison Live.

Saturday: Cole Baker Trio at Juniper’s … Kenny Cowden at Smoke Justis … Ohio is for Covers at Strasse Haus … Mr. the Kid at The Globe … Mind at Large Album Release Show at Madison Live.


Tonight: Clases de Ingles/ESL Classes at Kenton County Public Library.

Friday: Paint Party at Green Lantern Café.

Saturday: Nourish to Flourish at Thrive Empowerment Center … Zodiac Button Making: Aquarius at Kenton County Public Library … Dolly Trivia Night at The Roost Latonia.