Chicken wings & sheep milk vodka

COVINGTON, Ky. – How’s that for a lip-smackin’ headline to ignite your anticipation for what’s in store in The Cov this weekend? Especially since some smokin’ hot wings and a shot or two of vodka might be just what you need to stoke a flame in your innards and keep you warm amid this bitter cold.

In addition to introducing your palette to swank new flavors, you can also take in a really cool art show, go to the mat on your Dolly Parton knowledge, and celebrate Covington’s information and resource central, aka the Covington branch of the Kenton County Public Library, because it has a birthday. A big one.

There’s also lots of live music, yoga, jewelry-making and more.

Natural talent

If you haven’t visited Pique art gallery yet, then 2024 is the year to do it. Why wait? If you go tonight, you can catch the debut show of local artist, writer, and educator Tommy Ballard.

The intimate space on West Pike Street hosts about six shows a year in the main gallery and has a community gallery that’s more open-ended, featuring everything from pop-ups to month-long exhibits. It’s a great place to see very cool art.

Eternal Nature: Work by Tommy Ballard Opening Event will feature Ballard’s textile art, which draws inspiration from, you guessed it, nature. He weaves rich detail, texture, and color in his work, which includes letterpress prints, paper dyeing, and tapestry weaving. Don’t miss it.

Don’t dally with your Dolly knowledge

If you know the answer to these trivia questions, then you’ll want to take your Dolly Parton acumen over to The Roost Latonia on Friday to test yourself against other fans of the ultimate country music legend.

What is the name of Dolly’s goddaughter? What was the Bee Gee’s song that Dolly and Kenny Rogers covered as a duet back in 1983? What line of industry does Dolly’s rarely seen husband Carl Thomas Dean work in? What song did Dolly’s “9 to 5” hit song lose out to for Best Original Song at the 1981 Academy Awards?

Now that you’ve had time to Google the answers, pull together your favorite Dolly look (platinum wig, sequins, other bodacious wardrobe augmentations … ), and go show ‘em what you know over at Dolly Trivia Nights at The Roost.

Wings, sauce, & wiener slingers

Chicken wingers, the name we’ve just this minute bestowed upon anyone who believes that a fully satisfying meal involves chicken wings and chicken wings alone, will not want to miss Friday’s Kentucky Gold BBQ Sauce Release and Chicken Wing Extravaganza at Larry’s.

When checking out a venue’s wing offerings, a true chicken winger will get a singularly focused stare like something out of a zombie apocalypse, as he or she quietly does the equivalent of a Diophantine Equation in their head to determine just how they’ll have their wings prepared.

Does the restaurant offer dry rub? Is their buffalo sauce actually hot? Sauce on the side? How about double-dipped and double-fried? Is there an even serving of wingettes and drumettes? Ranch and blue cheese? And does the celery cost extra, or is it included with the wings? 

At Friday’s “extravaganza,” you’ll celebrate the release of Kentucky Gold BBQ Sauce along with “super tight wings.” Don’t’ worry, you can still get one of Larry’s delicious wieners too. There will also be an unnamed Buffalo sauce that maybe you’ll have a hand in naming.

Ewe gotta taste this vodka

Save the taters, because it turns out sheep are the next chapter of what vodka is all about, and on Saturday you can find out why.

While most vodkas are made from potatoes, grain, or even grapes, BlackLion Vodka is made from sheep’s milk. To be precise, that’s Valais Blacknose sheep, and they’re as cute as can be (though maybe a wee bit creepy if you saw one coming your way in the dark of the night).

BlackLion Vodka originates in the rolling Cotswolds of England, where they use the sheep’s milk whey that’s left over after cheese-making, (you know, Cotswold cheese – the one with chives, onions, and a blend of Gloucester), along with local spring water to make the vodka.

Chef Gordon Ramsay himself was filmed taking his first sip of BlackLion vodka, and he declared it as “seriously amazing!” But don’t take the British celebrity chef’s word for it. Decide for yourself at the BlackLion Vodka US Promotional Tour Kickoff at Hotel Covington on Saturday. This event is kind of a big deal, because it kicks off stops in Louisville, Lexington, Miami, and a host of other cities across the country. Yep, it all starts here in The Cov.

Happy 50th

Put on a peasant blouse and bell-bottom jeans, or maybe a crochet dress with some platform boots, and make your way to the Kenton County Public Library for its Covington Branch Celebration Sunday afternoon because the building at 502 Scott St. turns 50.

Stroll down memory lane, enjoy music and refreshments, and celebrate this building that is our go-to destination anytime we’re looking for just about anything we want to know or learn because its resources are endless. And if there’s a better venue for a party than a building with zillion books inside, we don’t know about it.

Live music

Tonight: Taylor Henry at Juniper’s … The Missy Werner Band at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant.

Friday: Taylor Hernley at Wunderbar … Leroy Ellington at Smoke Justis … Estrada Do Sol at Juniper’s … Everything’s Jake Band at Braxton Brewing Co.

Saturday: The Bluebirds at Smoke Justis … Angie Coyle Quartet at Juniper’s … Schwabfest at Madison Live … Signs of Life: The American Pink Floyd at Madison Theater.

Sunday: Genesis Retouched at Madison Theater.


Friday: Valhalla Fest at Second Story.

Saturday: Family Story Time at Kenton County Public Library … TOPO Winter Trail Running Series Race #4 at Devou Park … NKY Young Marines Informational Session at Marshall Schildmeyer VFW Post … Wrapped Stone Bracelet at Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop … Advanced Self-Defense at Thrive Empowerment Center … Zodiac Button Making: Aquarius at Kenton County Public Library.

Sunday: Slow Flow Sundays Yoga at First Financial Bank.