City Hall closed Thursday, Friday

COVINGTON, Ky. – “Happy Thanksgiving” a day early from the City of Covington – 81 years after President (Franklin D.) Roosevelt signed a joint resolution of Congress officially and formally affixing a permanent date to the national holiday, that being “the “fourth Thursday in November.”

As to when the very first day of thanksgiving was celebrated in the land now known as the United States (1619? 1621? 1598? 1565?), and where it was celebrated (Virginia? Massachusetts? Texas? Florida?) … historians will debate until the end of time.

Amid the ferocity of that disagreement and the weight of all that history, City offices in Covington will be closed both Thursday and Friday – meaning hurry down today if you have business at City Hall that can’t wait, otherwise we’ll see you Monday.


Meanwhile, a few Thanksgiving-related “tips”: Make sure you cook that turkey all the way through (but leave the venison a little pink or even red inside) … drumsticks are the best part of a turkey … yams and sweet potatoes are not the same thing … serve can-molded cranberry sauce with trepidation … if you haven’t thawed out that turkey yet, uh, don’t bother … forgo the TV and phones in favor of family conversation … and don’t drink and drive.


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