Hockey masks, coat drive & Día de los Muertos

COVINGTON, Ky. – The veil is thinning, there’s a full moon on Saturday, Halloween happens next Tuesday … so yes, there is a definite aura in The Cov this weekend enveloping all the fun things to do.

Warm coats & hot dogs

By next week it’s going to be mighty chilly and you’ll want to bundle up. So will anyone who ventures outside. Problem is, not everyone has a warm coat. The good news we can all do something about that this weekend by donating a coat (or coats) at the Villagers of MainStrasse 2nd Coat Drive – Larry’s Edition.

The goal is to collect as many coats as possible, but all winter/cool weather attire is acceptable. So if you’ve got gloves, hats, scarves, ear muffs, and other winter items you can part with, they’d be much appreciated.

In return, Larry’s Thursday specials apply, so bring your coat(s), eat hot dogs, and drink beer(s) knowing that you’ve had a hand in making someone’s winter a little less difficult.

Trick or treat among the books

Our idea of the perfect trick or treat at a library would involve an evening where we fill a king-size pillowcase with more books than we could possibly drag around.

We’d start at Fiction, where we’d build the basis for our heavy load … then head to Nonfiction … then work our way up to History and Genealogy, where we’d squirrel away bound collections of age-old newspaper articles from small-town publications across the Bluegrass.

Kiddos, on the other hand, likely prefer a trick-or-treat night that involves candy, a confection they can take home and sink their teeth into (instead of their very selves).

Trick or Treat at Kenton County Public Library tonight will not disappoint them. Grownups are likely to have a good time too. Just no loading up your pillowcase with books (unless you formally check them out, of course).

Creepy crawly stuff

The Halloween Hoopla at Behringer-Crawford Museum on Friday is kid-friendly fun with creepy crawly stations set up in the museum’s playscape, where children can learn about the creatures that live in the museum’s backyard, (leaving them to wonder about the ones lurking in their bedroom closets after their parents kiss them goodnight and turn off the light).

Costumes are encouraged, but not required.

Coffee, donuts & weeding

Make your way to Goebel Park on Saturday morning and Keep Covington Beautiful will provide coffee and donuts so you can fuel up on caffeine and sugar as you Perk Up The Park: Goebel!

The tasks are many: Weed and trim back the shrubs from the walkway/sitting area stretching from Philadelphia Street to the Tower clock. Sweep mulch back into the landscape areas. Weed and remove all cigarette butts around the shelters. Perhaps you’ll even plant a few more plants around the gazebo and paint the window shutters and doors on the small building.

What we’re saying is there’s plenty to do, so invite friends to join you. Stick around long enough and you’ll get lunch too.

Halloween = hockey masks

Odds are The Cov’s street hockey Bubs will not be wielding machetes and skating to a Harry Manfredi score, whispering “Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma,” at Saturday’s CSHL’s BubFest: Night of the Living Send 4: Sudden Death at Barb Cook Park.

But there will be hockey masks. And fun. Plenty of fun.

BubFest, the team’s annual Halloween tournament, is back and, as the Bubs say, will be “deadlier than ever.” (Nothing says “bring the family” like the threat of death.) Get in on the fun by bringing your kiddos and your friends. Oh, and sport your spookiest costume, especially if you want to play because costumes are mandatory for tournament participants. Beer and bites available.

Poetry in brushstrokes

Covington-based artist Susan Lowe Thomas discovered her love of painting out of a desperate need for balance while working toward her doctorate in clinical psychology. (Makes sense to us.)

It became a way to connect and immerse herself in the awe of color, and her canvases and paintbrushes captured her wanderings and wonderings. On Saturday, she’s premiering more than 30 pieces at her first show. Open Gallery with Susan Lowe Thomas happens at Painted Bread Marketing. She hopes her art will give you pause for a peaceful moment.

Celebrate your ancestors (’cause they’re coming back)

Dia de los Muertos has deep origins. It goes back to the rituals practiced by the indigenous peoples of the Americas more than 3,000 years ago when the Olmecs -- and subsequent Toltecs, Mixtecs, Zapotecs, Maya, and Aztecs – honored death. The day acknowledges the symbiotic relationship between life and death, celebrating when the spirits of the dead are believed to spend time with their relatives. That makes for a well-attended event.

On Saturday, you’ve got great opportunities to celebrate the day in The Cov.

In the afternoon, the Kenton County Public Library hosts El Dia de los Muertos, where you can honor those who’ve passed by creating a pocket shrine with Charlotte Reed from Art Equals and be guided in a meditation by Erin De Santis that will “help you connect with your past and collect energy and wisdom for the journey forward.”

The evening promises a grand celebration when OLLA Taqueria, Historic Linden Grove Cemetery & Arboretum, and The Residents of Westside (RoW) host a Dia de los Muertos Celebration at W. 13th Street. It will celebrate the day in style with food/comida, drink/bebida,  music/musica by Chapines Musical, dancing/bailando, wagon rides/paseos en carreta, and more/¡y más!

Double your fun and attend both events.

Live music

Tonight: Beyond the Stage Live with Jordan Frank at Madison Live … Chris Comer & Bill Brock Duo at Juniper’s … Alex Poteet at Smoke Justis.

Friday: Troy Cartwright with Ryan Alfred at Madison Live … Estrada Do Sol at Juniper’s … Kenny Cowden at Smoke Justis … Harold Mike Sizemore at Wunderbar.

Saturday: Husbands, with Plastic Picnic at Madison Live … Evan Gidley Trio at Juniper’s … Twin Sons Duo at Smoke Justis.

Sunday: Grayscale at Madison Theater … John Lovern at Zazou.


Tonight: Exhibition X at The Carnegie.

Friday: Exhibition X at The Carnegie … Feud Fridays at Frosthaus.

Saturday: Covington Farmers Market at 3rd and Court Streets … MainStrasse Village Food TourExhibition X at The Carnegie … Miss Kyleigh’s Spooky Class with Kiddos and Kittens at Purrfect Day Cat Café … D.C. vs. Pompano Joe NWF Title Match at Hits Indoor Baseball and Sportsplex … Braxton Covington Halloween Party at Braxton Brewing Co. … Guinness & Ghosts at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant.

Sunday: Bridal & Wedding Expo at Northern Kentucky Convention Center.