Over $900K in asphalt on 29 streets

Annual resurfacing to bring smoother driving in 13 neighborhoods

COVINGTON, Ky. – All or part of 29 streets in Covington are about to get a smoother surface.

Almost 62,000 square yards of asphalt will be laid 1½ inches thick on the streets as part of a $927,540 contract with Riegler Blacktop Inc. that will get underway next week in the Westside neighborhood.

Riegler Blacktop Inc. will then work its way south on the list of streets provided by the City, said Bill Matteoli, assistant director of Covington’s Public Works Department.

 “When it’s done, drivers will be a lot happier,” he said. “We know there are a number of streets that need attention, and we tackle as many as possible each year.”

Independent engineers rated the condition of the City’s streets. This year’s list includes streets from 13 neighborhoods and represents those defined by a number of factors, including those in the worst condition, those that have been awaiting treatment for the longest time, and those that get the most traffic, Matteoli said.

The contract with Riegler was approved by the Covington Board of Commissioners on Sept. 12. The dollar figure associated with the contract reflects the rising cost of everything from gasoline to asphalt, he said.

Riegler’s crews are grinding away about 1½ inches of surface before laying the asphalt.

The list of streets include locations in the neighborhoods of Botany Hills, Eastside, Helentown, Historic Licking Riverside, Kenton Hills, Latonia-Rosedale, MainStrasse Village, Peaselburg, Ritte’s East Latonia, South Covington, Wallace Woods, West Latonia, and Westside.

Parking will be restricted at times during the repaving. Signs will be posted ahead of time and affected residents should also receive notices through the mail.

In alphabetical order, here are the streets to be paved:

  • Bush Street, from Scott Boulevard to Prospect Avenue.
  • Clark Street, from Highway Avenue to Altamont Road.
  • Coyote Court, from Indian Creek Drive to its western end.
  • Dalton Street, from its northern end to West 8th Street.
  • East 8th Street, from Greenup Street to its eastern end.
  • East 16th Street, from Scott to Greenup Street.
  • East 21st Street, from Garrard Street to its eastern end.
  • East 25th Street, from Madison Avenue to East 24th Street.
  • East 45th Street, from Glenn Avenue until Virginia Avenue.
  • Emma Street, from Main Street to Bakewell Street.
  • Hawthorne Street, from Jefferson Avenue to Holman Avenue.
  • Holmesdale Court, from Madison Avenue to East 25th Street.
  • Huntington Avenue, from East 41st Street to East 44th Street.
  • Indiana Avenue, from Madison to Daniel Goodenough Court.
  • Linden Avenue, from Holman Avenue to Woodburn Avenue.
  • Locke Street, from East 39th Street to East 40th Street.
  • Maryland Avenue, from East 21st Street to Durrett Street.
  • Monroe Street, from West 16th Street to West 18th Street.
  • Parkway Avenue, from Highway Avenue to Altamont Road.
  • Shoreview Circle, from Meadow Hill Drive to its western end.
  • Spring Street, from John Street to Highway Avenue.
  • Tripoli Lane, from Hands Pike to its southern end.
  • Vermont Street, from East 43rd Street to Baltimore Avenue.
  • Wallace Avenue, from Greenup Street to Eastern Avenue.
  • Wayne Road, from Edgehill Court to Prisoners Lake Drive.
  • West 8th Street, from Craig Street to South Greer Street.
  • West 11th Street, from Lee Street to Main Street.
  • West 19th Street, from Franklin Street to its western end.
  • Winding Way, from Jerome Street to the property line.

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