Oktoberfest, freshArt & Mothman

COVINGTON, Ky. – It’s a weekend of lederhosen, local art, and cryptids in The Cov. (Cryptids being those animals or creatures that are believed to exist but never actually proven to exist, though stories told around a campfire or at a slumber party say otherwise.)

There’s also plenty of live music, lots to learn about trees, author readings, a ‘superhero” race for a good cause, art workshops, a roller derby, football (yep, that’s back too), and much more.

Wrap your arms (and mind) around a tree

Trees are givers. They gift us with shade, oxygen, and phytoncides that can impact our bodies, our mood, appetite, sense of smell, and more. In fact, a stroll through any forest can change your body, mind, and spirit. But don’t just take our word for it.

Tonight, local hiking guide and author Nancy Ball is going to explain Why You Need “Tree Aura” in Your Life at the Kenton County Public Library. She’ll show you pics of trees along beautiful trails, but it’s up to you to spend time with the real thing. Fortunately, there’s an event this weekend where you can do that. (Keep scrolling.)

Long distance art

Here’s to the success of long distance relationships.

The Can You Hear Me?/ Yes I Can” Exhibition Opening and Birthday Party for Pique at Pique Gallery tonight features a call and response collaborative effort by Lura Bentley and Elena Kay Herren that explores how to work together when you’re more than 100 miles apart.

And, because it’s a birthday party, there will be cake.


Bring out the lederhosen, because the time-honored celebration of German culture returns to Covington’s MainStrasse Village on Friday and runs through Sunday.

That’s right, it’s the 2023 Covington Oktoberfest, sponsored by Braxton Brewing Company, and you have a full weekend to lift a stein (or steins) filled with good beer to your lips, enjoy local food, music, art, and maybe even play a little Wiffle Ball.

Acquaint yourself with local trees

If you spent Thursday evening listening to local hiking guide and author, Nancy Ball, explain how being around trees can positively impact you, then here’s your chance to test that theory.

On Saturday, get to know some interesting trees right here in The Cov on the Urban Tree Walk: Latonia/Milldale, led by Covington’s Urban Forester, Patrick Moore, and Kenton County Extension Horticulture Agent, Brandon George.

You’ll stroll through the neighborhood and gain all range of insight and information about Latonia’s trees, enhancing your knowledge, and, as it turns out, your aura.

Celebrate the cryptids

It’s time to celebrate those wacky, creepy, occasionally even hilarious, North American cryptids, aka Mothman, Frogman, and the Cincinnati Octoman.

The Covington Cryptid Block Party is the one and only party of its kind in The Cov and it happens Saturday, at 321 MLK Blvd. Expect more vendors (lots of vendors), more entertainment, and most certainly more cryptids. (Bring your camera).

Local and ‘fresh’

This Saturday is the 31st year that the Behringer-Crawford Museum celebrates the region’s talented artists with its annual freshART party and auction that features some pretty spectacular art. There’s also music, food, and a beautiful venue.

The best part (in addition to all the art that you might take home) is that a portion of the sale price of each auctioned item goes to the artist, while the balance is donated to BCM, to benefit area children through its educational programs. That’s a win-win. You get one-of-a-kind art and you get to support art programs for local kids.

Little girl, big journey

Have you heard about Little Amal? She’s a 12-foot (okay, not so little) puppet of a 10-year-old Syrian refugee and is a global symbol of human rights. This fall, she’s traveling 6,000 miles across the U.S., with events happening all along her trek, and in a couple of weeks she’ll cross the Roebling Suspension Bridge into The Cov.

Before Amal arrives, there’s cool art to be made and lots to learn about refugee families. You can do both this weekend.

On Saturday, there’s the Little Amal Workshop at The Carnegie, where, alongside local refugee families, you’ll design and decorate paper lanterns and windsocks to march alongside Amal on her journey here. Then, on Sunday, the Center for Great Neighborhoods and Kentucky Refugee Ministries host the Little Amal Art Project Creation Workshops at the Hellmann Creative Center where they’ll will lead a conversation with 2 to 3 refugee clients. Afterwards, Art Equals will lead a response art project.

Caped superheroes for a cause

Lace up the shoes and don your cape for Saturday’s 10th Annual CASA of the Northern Bluegrass Region 5K Superhero Run/Walk.

If you’re not familiar with CASA (or Court Appointed Special Advocates) volunteers, just know that they do some pretty important work to help make sure that abused and neglected children don’t fall through the cracks of an overburdened welfare system.

The run/walk starts at the Devou Park Volpenheim Shelter (across from the Drees Pavilion) and there will be plenty of family-centered activities like face-painting, balloon artists, free superhero capes and masks, music, cookies, and more. Registration starts early Saturday morning.

Live music

Tonight: The Missy Werner Band at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant. … The Chuck Brisbin Trio at Smoke Justis.

Friday: Biz at Smoke Justis. … Bury Tomorrow with Cane Hill and Ire at Madison Theater. … Jimmy Clepper at Madison Live. … The Chris Comer Trio at Juniper’s.´╗┐

´╗┐Saturday: Acoustic Blue Duo at Smoke Justis. … D.J. Cue at The Rooftop at Braxton Brewing Company. … Horseplay X RSP Kentucky Pop Up at The Rooftop at Madison Theater. … Town Mountain at Madison Live. … Jeanne Phillips Trio at Juniper’s.

Sunday: Music for Maui at The Village Theater.


Tonight: Cuentame un Cuento!/Spanish Storytime at Kenton County Public Library.

Friday: Devou Night Rides at Devou Park.

Saturday: Covington Academy of Heritage Trades Introductory Weekend at 1515 Madison Ave. Covington Farmers Market at 3rd & Court Streets. … MainStrasse Village Food Tour. … Iris Plant Giveaway at 209-215 Greenup (parking lot behind The Gruff). … Local Artisan Market at Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop. … Mandala Dot Painting at Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop. … Westside Neighborhood Fall Clean-up at Gutierrez Deli. … “Domesticated Demons” Poetry Reading & Book Signing with Amba Elieff at Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop. … Red, White, and Bluegrass Derby at Hits Indoor Baseball.

´╗┐Sunday: Yoga Class + Community Cleanup at Historic Linden Grove Cemetery. … Bengals vs. Browns Watch Party at Braxton Brewing. …Covington Academy of Heritage Trades Introductory Weekend at 1515 Madison Ave.