Winship replaces Jordan as an assistant police chief

Photo 1: Covington Police Chief Brian Valenti (third from left) poses with the newly promoted officers. From left, Sgt. David Hoyle, Capt. Josh Bornhorn, Chief Valenti, Assistant Chief Matt Winship, Capt. Jennifer Rudolph, and Lt. Jason McErlane.

Photo 2: Chief Valenti (center) poses with retiring Capt. Greg Jones (left) and retiring Assistant Chief Marcus Jordan.

Retirements set in motion cascading series of promotions

COVINGTON, Ky. – Seasoned officers in the Covington Police Department are taking on additional responsibilities under a cascading series of promotions set in motion by the retirements of two high-ranking members of the police command staff.

With ceremony and votes, the moves were both celebrated and “made official” at the Covington Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday night.

Stepping down as of July 31 are Lt. Col./Assistant Chief Marcus Jordan and Capt. Greg Jones, who collectively have served 54 years on Covington’s force.

Stepping up are Capt. Matt Winship (to assistant chief), Lts. Josh Bornhorn and Jen Rudolph (both to captain), Sgt. Jason McErlane (to lieutenant), and Specialist David Hoyle (to sergeant).

“Chief Jordan and Captain Jones have served this Department and the Covington community with professionalism and distinction for decades, and we wish them well in the next stages of their lives,” Chief Brian Valenti said. “It always hurts when we lose this amount of institutional knowledge and experience. While we hate to see them go, we’re fortunate to have talented leaders prepared and poised to fill their shoes.”


Lt. Col. (Assistant Chief) Marcus Jordan started at Covington Police in June 1997. Over 26 years, he held many positions, including K-9 handler and K-9 Team Coordinator, where he trained K-9 teams across Northern Kentucky. He later served in Patrol, D-Team, Administration and Investigations, and became assistant chief in October 2022.

“His knowledge of internal affairs investigations and processes and his project coordination skills are second to none,” Valenti said.

“I absolutely love my career at the City of Covington,” Jordan told the Commission. The Department “turned into a family for me.”

In his resignation letter, he elaborated: “Over the years, our department has become a model of what I believe other police departments should strive to be. I know the men and women currently serving our department are among the best, most professional police officers in the country, and our leadership staff is simply amazing. I do not doubt that the department will continue to grow, evolve and improve.”

Capt. Greg Jones started at Covington Police in April1995 after serving as a police dispatcher for two years. Over his 28-year career, he served in Patrol, D-Team, Administration, and Investigations. His detailed work helped Covington Police achieve a rare distinction – being certified by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, one of only three police agencies in Kentucky to earn that accreditation, in addition to recognition from the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police.

“During his time in Administration, Capt. Jones was an integral part of obtaining and maintaining both KACP and CALEA Accreditations by creating and utilizing a process that is still used today,” Valenti said. “He will be missed.”

Said Mayor Joe Meyer, “Twenty-eight years is a remarkable accomplishment. (Capt. Jones) has been a great example of leadership to the members of the Police Department.”


Capt. Matt Winship (to Assistant Chief). With CPD since September 2003. Currently a Captain in the Patrol Bureau, and a Public Information Officer. Has a B.S. in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati, an M.S. in Executive Leadership and Organizational Change from Northern Kentucky University, and a Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice Education from the University of Virginia. He is a graduate of the 285th Session of the FBI National Academy, the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training's Criminal Justice Executive Development Course and Academy of Police Supervision’s Leadership Course. Previously assignments included SWAT Commander, Training Section Supervisor, Sniper Team Leader, Bike Patrol, Field Training Officer, and Crisis Intervention instructor for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Valenti praised Winship and the other officers who were promoted, saying they would be key personnel in the “evolution” of the Department.

“I’ve worked alongside Captain Winship for nearly 20 years, going all the way back to my 3rd Shift Patrol days,” the Chief said. “I have no doubt that he is ready to step up and successfully address the challenges ahead of him. Whenever there is a change in the department of this magnitude, an evolution occurs. With this group specifically, I am certain that a renewed sense of service and fresh ideas are sure to follow. I look forward to being a part of the evolution.”

The other promotions:

Lt. Josh Bornhorn (to Captain). With CPD since May 2007. Currently an Administrative Lieutenant and serves as the SWAT Team Assistant Commander. Has a B.A. in Organizational Leadership from Northern Kentucky University and is working toward a Master of Public Administration. Attended the 147th Administrative Officers Course of the Southern Police Institute. A veteran of the U.S Army. Previously was a Patrol Lieutenant and Sergeant.

Lt. Jennifer Rudolph (to Captain). With CPD since October 2003. Currently a Second Shift Watch Commander and serves as an LGBTQ+ Liaison Officer and a SWAT Assistant Team Leader for SWAT Negotiators. Has a B.S. in Criminal Justice and a M.S. in Strategic Leadership from Mountain State University. Attended the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training's Criminal Justice Executive Development Course and the 139th Administrative Officers Course of the Southern Police Institute. Previously was an Administrative Lieutenant, Training Sergeant and Patrol Sergeant.

Sgt. Jason McErlane (to Lieutenant). With CPD since May 2007. He is currently a Patrol Supervisor. Has B.S. in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati. Previous assignments included Criminal Investigations and Patrol.

Specialist David Hoyle (to Sergeant). With CPD since December 2005. Currently assigned to the FBI Safe Streets Task Force and is an Internal Affairs Investigator. A veteran of the U.S Marines. Previous assignments included Patrol, Field Training Officer and Bike Officer.

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