City’s Spanish-translated documents and forms featured at workshop for Latino community

Providing translated documents about City programs a ‘game changer’

COVINGTON, Ky. – The successful debut of the City’s Spanish-translated business guide, “Guia Empresarial,” and additional Spanish-translated City documents and forms, happened Tuesday night at a banking workshop event – “Taller Bancario” – sponsored by Esperanza Latino Center and Republic Bank, held at the Life Learning Center.

The workshop informed Covington’s Latino community about connecting with banking professionals as well as essential resources and tools to purchase homes or start a business.

John Hammons, the City’s CDBG/HOME Program Coordinator said Esperanza used their expertise, trust, and relationships built with the Latino community to organize a wonderful event that was a “game changer” in furthering effective communication between the Latino community and the City.

“This was one of the most well attended informational events I’ve participated in,” said Hammons. “The attendees were eager to hear about the services and opportunities available to them. Being able to provide information on City programs in Spanish that they could take with them, review, and also share, was a game changer because you know for certain the information is in the right hands. This is something we can build off of as City employees.”

Hammons said the event has already led staff to evaluate other documents and processes that can be translated simply enough to make things accessible to Covington’s Latino community. He said the Federal Grants Division had Program Guidelines for the City’s Homebuyer Assistance Program and Homeowner Repair Program translated into Spanish and used Federal funds to put a computer in City Hall’s lobby.

“The “Guia Empresarial” was very well-received and there were very few copies remaining by the end of the event,” said Susan Smith the City’s Business Recruitment Manager about the business guide, adding that it was fun to see participants excitement as they conversed with Cory Hernandez, Financial Empowerment TBRA-HOME Ownership Counselor with the Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission. The NKCAC is partnering with the City’s Economic Development Department about business ideas.

Kim Phillips, the City’s Section 8 Program Coordinator, attended the workshop and provided housing documents which are also now translated in Spanish.

Esperanza Latino Center Executive Director Reid Yearwood said the range available Spanish-translated documents speak to the City’s welcoming culture and provides important “bridges” for a Latino community that’s eager to start their own businesses and purchase homes.

“The tremendous turnout for the banking workshop shows the desire in the Covington Latino community to continue opening banking accounts, starting businesses, and buying homes,” said Yearwood. “Having resources for the community in Spanish provides bridges to local available resources and exemplifies why Covington is such a welcoming place to the Latino community.”

NKCAC and the City will host a workshop on Business Entrepreneurship on August 8 at 6 p.m. at The Life Learning Center, which will be conducted in Spanish.

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