Pike Street gateway gets ‘unapologetically’ bold mural

Improvement follows 2019 report’s advice: Tackle City’s points of entry

COVINGTON, Ky. – The south side of a Pike Street building provides a veritable “canvas” for a vibrant new “welcome” to The Cov.

Consider the mural at 533 Pike St. indicative of more aesthetically appealing transformations that will eventually come to other primary points of entry, or gateways, into Covington. In bold, primary hues, the mural builds on the Covington Economic Development Department’s new manifesto and brand, reading: “Unapologetically Covington” and “Bold Lives Here,” along with colorful graphics.

The mural implements one of the recommendations in the Garner Report, a 2019 strategic action plan that called for, among other things, enhancing Covington’s gateways to help attract businesses, residents, and visitors.

“The City has multiple gateways, so our department is first tackling the ones the community thought most prominent, including the Clay Wade Bailey and 12th Street gateways, as well as this Pike Street gateway,” said Assistant Economic Development Director Sarah Allan.

The Pike Street Mural is the first to be completed.

“Our department wanted something that brought the City’s new manifesto to life, so we worked closely with the artists but also allowed them creative freedom to take our brand and make it come alive, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result,” Allan said.

She said that the cooperation of the building owner, James Calkins of CB Property Holdings, was “a critical piece of making this Gateway a reality.”

Calkins said he believes projects such as this have “tremendous impact” on the city.

“The mural looks awesome,” said Calkins. “Every day I drive down Pike under the overpass into central Covington, and the mural is our invitation to the city.”

Chris and Nathan Dye, of Dye Brothers Brand Design & Storytelling Agency in Newport, created the mural. The two were longtime Covington residents and maintain a strong affinity for the city.

“Being asked to utilize the City’s new branding to create a ‘welcome sign’ was a project we couldn’t wait to tackle,” Nathan Dye said. “This is a place where we’ve lived, raised our families, worked, and played, and this piece represents the joy and heartfelt connection we have to the community.”

Dye said it’s fun to drive into Covington and see the vibrant pop of color as you emerge from under the interstate bridge.

“We hope it adds a nice bit of color to everyone’s day as they pass,” said Dye.



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