Getting the lay of the land

Developers, brokers visit 23 acres to eye 4 parcels on table

COVINGTON, Ky. – Developers and brokers interested in the first four parcels of the 23-acre Covington Central Riverfront site in downtown Covington got a chance to tour the cleared site today with the City’s economic development, procurement, and infrastructure staff.

The optional visit was to show how the 23 acres fit into the surrounding area of The Cov, how the four parcels are positioned next to each other, and how the new street grid will look.

As explained in this May 31 release, “Developers, broker sought for 4 pieces of IRS site”, the four parcels are the first to “go to market,” so to speak.

The City is seeking private developers for three sections along Fourth Street and a broker to market the fourth. The sections range in size from 13,000 square feet to 112,700 square feet and are identified for a variety of uses under a conceptual master plan for the new neighborhood. 

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