Fishing poles & frozen drinks

COVINGTON, Ky. – Before we shout our “woo-hoos” for the three-day weekend that is upon us, let’s be solemn and serious for a moment and reflect on the fact that Memorial Day is when we recognize those who died in service to our country. You can join others in remembering those who served at Monday’s Memorial Day events, which include nine hours of ceremonies and a parade committed to honoring the military dead.

Meanwhile … if you begin your long weekend tonight, you can start with live music, cuddles with cats, art exhibits, and a workout (to get you in shape for the rest of the weekend). After that, we recommend you grab your kiddos and their fishing poles and get ready for a morning helping them unhook their catch.

As always, there’s a lot of good music, art, food, and celebrations going on in The Cov. Have fun, be safe.

Jumpin’ Juniper’s

Juniper’s will be jumpin’ (or, rather, swingin’) tonight when String Cats Live Music performs the iconic melodic riffs of the sounds that emerged in the 1920s and early ‘30s known as “swing.”

The Swing Cats are a bunch of talented Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music students who just want to play music for you while you sip a cocktail and savor tapas. Indulging them will be to your listening pleasure.

Anglin’ for a good time

Ah, the surprise, the anticipation, and the sheer thrill of watching your child – or anyone’s, for that matter – reel in a fish. Sure, it’s fun for the kid too, but let’s be honest, it’s a big happy moment for grownups.

So tell your kids, or your niece, nephew, or grandchild that on Saturday you’re taking them to Prisoners Lake in Devou Park for the Covington Parks & Recs’ annual Fishing Derby.

Registration begins at 10:30 a.m., but you can save time by registering in advance at Fishing Derby registration. Keep in mind that the event is for kids ages 5 to 15.

Bring your own poles and tackle, or borrow some from Parks & Rec with an ID. Bait (wax worms and red worms) will be provided. Or bring artificial bait. Free hot dogs and soft drinks provided. And the best part (next to the joy of watching kids reel ‘em in): prizes will be awarded for the longest, shortest, and heaviest fish.

Need a tune-up?

Brakes feeling sluggish? Visible cracks in your tires? Worn sidewalls? How about loose spokes? Slipping chains? Notice any grinding, knocking, squeaking, rattling or other noises coming from your bike? Happy bikes don’t make noise.

If you found any of the above ailments, you’ll be happy to know that the RideTheCov PopUp Shop will be at the Covington Farmers Market on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Stop by, see if your bike needs a tune-up and learn more about this group of passionate volunteers who highlight everyday riders in The Cov with a mission to make the city a bike-friendly place to live, work, and play.

Exquisite quilts

One might say that local artist Dolores Fegan pieces together her broad love of art into the quilts she creates.

Her haikus and poetry become intermingled visual interpretations that play out in fibers and fabrics stitched into her quilts and detailed thread paintings (which is a hand embroidery technique that uses standard embroidery floss to blend together colors similar to painting, and is pretty incredible).

You can, and should, Meet Dolores Fegan, Fiber Artist at Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop on Saturday and check out her beautiful work for yourself.

2 years of killer frozen drinks

The traditional second anniversary gift is cotton, while the modern gift is fine china. But don’t plan on bringing a set of luxurious sheets or a place-setting of Royal Doulton to Frosthaus on Saturday, because they’ll just get in the way of the good time you’ll have at the anniversary party folks there are throwing for themselves.

Frosthaus Covington celebrates in The Cov on Saturday with its Frosthaus 2-Year Anniversary and they are closing down the street for it (gotta make room for the giant Jenga® and Connect Four games, cornhole, and more).

The main attraction, of course, are those killer frozen drinks.

Live music

Tonight: Alex Poteet at Smoke Justis.

Friday: The Birthday Massacre at Madison Live … Nordista Freeze with Circle It and Mossant at The Rooftop at Madison Theater … Linus Tate at Smoke Justis … Scott Stucky at Wunderbar … Bill Donaldson at Juniper’s … The Liquor Store Dogs at Strasse Haus.

Saturday: Foris with Sylmar, Patterns of Chaos, and General Baxter at Madison Live … Seezyn with Mike Lavi, Ibbi Too Vicous, TV Showerz, Rhy, and Pangeaux at Madison Theater … Nat Jones at the Rooftop at Braxton Brewing Co. … Twin Sons Duo at Smoke Justis … Estrada do Sol Trio at Juniper’s … Kyle Knapp at The Globe.

Sunday: iRL at Strasse Haus.


And then there’s ….

Tonight: The Art of Fashion: Fay Applegarth Maddux at Behringer-Crawford Museum … Dynamics of Flow at The Carnegie … SWET DanceFit at Kenton County Public Library … Foodie Fun Trivia Night Plus Kitty Cuddles at Purrfect Day Cat CafĂ©.

Friday: Holtman’s Pop-Up Donut Shop & Coffee at Braxton Brewing Co. … The Art of Fashion: Fay Applegarth Maddux at Behringer-Crawford Museum … Dynamics of Flow at The Carnegie … Devou Night Rides at Devou Park.

Saturday: Covington Farmers Market at 3rd & Court Streets … MainStrasse Village Food TourSatur-Day Drinking DJ Brunches at Keystone Bar & Grill … Stronger Together at Thrive Empowerment Center … The Art of Fashion: Fay Applegarth Maddux at Behringer-Crawford Museum … Dynamics of Flow at The Carnegie … Revolution Rising “Queens of the Midwest” (women’s professional wrestling) at Hits Indoor Baseball & Sports Complex … FC Cincinnati vs. Colorado at Keystone Bar & Grill.

Sunday: MV Flea (flea market) at 6th Street Promenade in MainStrasse Village … The Art of Fashion: Fay Applegarth Maddux at Behringer-Crawford Museum … Miss Cellar 2023 Pageant at Cov Live Bar-Restaurant-Venue.