Flowers, clowns, and ‘talkies’

COVINGTON, Ky. – Here we are at the end of January. How are those 2023 resolutions coming along?

If you declared this as the year you’ll buy flowers for yourself, relax more with a cold brew, make art, and see more live productions, then this week presents you with some fine opportunities to stay on track with your resolutions.

And if you said you’re going to join the circus in 2023, you’re in luck. (Well, at least you can watch the circus … but who knows?).

Buy your own &^&% flowers, sister

Gorgeous and groovy bouquets and good coffee. Does it get any better?

Well, yes it does, sister. It’s better when you get in league with the sentiment behind The Roost Latonia’s We Agree with Miley…Buy Your Own Damn Flowers and buy a fistful of bold, beautiful blossoms for yourself. (And why not do that for yourself every week? Especially on Valentine’s Day?).

Starting tonight and running through Friday, everybody’s favorite doyenne of divine blooms, Kara Acri from Scarlet Begonia’s Flower Truck, will park either Scarlet or Maggie (those two fabulous trucks) next to The Roost and set about doing her art with blooms as her medium. The best reason of all to splurge on flowers is because you deserve them.

Clowning around with some brews

Expect top-notch entertainment when Circus Mojo rolls (or maybe, cartwheels, somersaults, or walks on 10-foot stilts) into The Gruff tonight.

There will be plenty of good brews to enjoy too at Circus Mojo and Bircus Brewing at The Gruff. Among the Bircus favorites: Miss Patterson, a fine Belgian Wit named for Ann Lee Patterson, who was Miss America 1931, a native of our neighboring Ludlow, and a Ziegfeld Follie Dancer. Also on hand (“in hand,” as the case may be?): Motordome.

Sipping at the circus sounds like a good way to start the weekend, right?

Divine drawing (and drag)

Looking to paint the night away? Then you’re in luck. On Friday, Mirelle Jane Divine will be waiting for you at Creative House of Art & Design’s Drink, Draw & Drag as you commence with creating your own magnificent piece of art.

Plus, you can have a nice cocktail which might help you loosen up so you’ll be more receptive to the wise counsel of your creative muse.

There’s a fee for the event (worth every nickel).

Blueberry season

Do you fashion yourself a clever problem solver? Does the thought of combining a few drinks with challenging puzzles sound like your idea of fun?

If that’s you, then put your skills to the test Saturday at the Blueberry Breakout at Braxton Brewing Company.

Find clues, solve puzzles, crack codes, and enjoy a good time with friends (and competitors), all the while enjoying Braxton’s Blueberry Strudel release and “breakout” of the winter blues.

Rain in the forecast

Do you suppose the creators of the flick “Babylon” said, “Hey, let’s take the theme of silent movies making the transition to ‘talkies’ but focus on the underbelly of the movie industry? Maybe make moviegoers squirm in their seats for the first 30 minutes?”

In other words, the opposite of how that cinematic classic, “Singin’ in the Rain” told a story of actors navigating their way from silent film to “talkies?”

Be assured that you’ll be entirely comfortable with a front row seat at The Carnegie on Saturday when “Singin’ in the Rain” opens.

Get your umbrella (and your tap shoes), and a good seat to watch those show-stopping dance numbers, technicolor costumes, and an on stage rainstorm.

Hey, all you bad b*******

Here’s a chance to shop for products with a purpose (and by purpose, we mean products made by companies that share a portion of their profits with global organizations fighting on the front lines to end human trafficking).

On Saturday, SoHza Sister Fairtrade Boutique’s Bad B****** Sip ‘n Shop is where you can do your part to help others, find beautiful clothing (all ethically made), and enjoy a sip or two while you shop.

Partnering for the event is Tillage Clothing Company, which provides clothes that use high-quality fabrics for apparel that’s made in small batches in the United States. When you purchase their product a portion goes to freedom fighters like The Aruna Project or Alabaster Jar Project, which help empower survivors of trafficking and exploitation. Do your part. Go shopping.

Live music

Tonight: The Missy Werner Band at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant … Lee Dixon at Smoke Justis … Carey Hunley at Strasse Haus.

Friday: Super Local 3 Cabin Fever Reliever at Madison Live … Kenny Cowden at Smoke Justis … Plan B at Strasse Haus.

Saturday: Dizgo & Litz at Madison Live … Acoustic Blue Duo at Smoke Justis … The Touchables at Strasse Haus.


Tonight: Tasting Thursday at Crafts & Vines.

Friday: Holtman’s Pop-Up Donut Shop & Coffee at Braxton Brewing Company.

Saturday: Covington Farmers Market at Braxton Brewing Company … Health and Wellness Expo at Kenton County Public Library … MainStrasse Village Food Tour.

Sunday: Kickoff in The Cov, Bengals vs. Chiefs at Keystone Bar & Grill … AFC Championship Watch Party at Braxton Brewing Company … Singin’ in the Rain at The Carnegie.