New year, new you? We can help

COVINGTON, Ky. – Go be you this weekend.

Not sure who that is exactly, or what it looks like?

No worries. There are a couple of events happening in The Cov this weekend that will guide you back to your true self so you can put together a vision board to set out on your journey to get what you want in life. Just remember (We’re channeling the Glinda the Good Witch voice from the Wizard of Oz right now) … all those pretty pictures and empowering words on cardboard are not intended to be shoved in the back of your closet. Maps are to be followed, so you’ve got to pay attention and make some focused moves to get where you want to be. (Hence, the power lies within you, Dorothy).

Since a journey to a better life should be properly fueled, may we suggest a visit to the Covington Farmers Market where you can stock up on healthy goods? (Healthy body, healthy mind, right?) Start there.

Get your game on

Tonight’s Covington Adventure’s Guild event at the Kenton County Public Library is a Dungeons and Dragons club but all adventurers are welcome to join. This is for adults and teens, btw.

For the non-Dungeon and Dragons player, an adventure guild serves as both a hierarchy or structure for adventurers as well as a home base and meeting spot for players. (We had to look that up because we didn’t know either).

To market, to market

Doesn’t this seem like a grand weekend for a big ol’ pot of homemade soup?

Well, how about you head over to Braxton Brewing Co. on Saturday for the indoor Covington Farmers Market?

Shop for fine local produce and other locally produced items (have a sip when you’re finished, or before you commence with your shopping), and go home and stir up some culinary comfort on your stove.

Now, for sure not all of the following items will be offered in the dead of winter, but to show how cool Covington’s market is, over many visits we’ve stocked up on items like wine, specialty juices, honey, microgreens, hot peppers, butter lettuce, chemical-free chicken, eggs, beeswax candles, vegetable starts, apples, pastries, loaves of sourdough bread, kale, beer, zucchini, ground white corn meal, kimchi, pickled relish, specialty tomatoes, flower bouquets, cress, and many other items.

Build your board

According to London-based neuroscientist and executive advisor Dr. Tara Swart, a vision board is “a collage, preferably made by hand, that literally and metaphorically represents things that you want to happen in your life.”

The idea is that if with all the things are brains are bombarded with, we need to remind ourselves of what it is that we really and truly want for ourselves.

On Saturday, you can learn to stop watering the weeds instead the flowers of your mind at Your Vision Board Experience – The Power of Manifesting at 601 Madison Ave. (the First Financial Bank building). Allyson Blythe, a certified life coach and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is going to share proven strategies for intention setting and creating a clear picture of what you to do, have, and be in the world.

There’s a fee that will cover plenty of materials for to create your vision board, snacks to munch, and drinks to sip.

How about a bad a** manifestation?

And just in case you can’t make it to Saturday’s vision board experience (above), or you’d like to double up on your clarity and focus this weekend, you’re in luck.

The Bad A** Manifestation Party at The Roost Latonia on Sunday asks the question: How do you know you’re stepping into your authentic life? After all, marketing, social media, family, controlling partners, and well-meaning friends are always chirping about what you could/should be and do.

Tune ‘em out and let Star Staubach, who happens to be a bona fide bad a** manifester, share her intuitive wisdom, power of manifestation, and resources to set you up with clarity, heart alignment, and manifesting.

All you have to do for the Bad A** Manifestation Party is show up. Staubach will guide you through the ways to quiet all the external chatter in your head so you can hear the gentle whispers of your heart’s true desires.

Good-by, O Holy Night …

We love Christmas music as much as the next person, but we swear that our brains were going to erupt like Mauna Loa if we heard José Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad,” Peggy Lee’s “Big Fat Santa,” or the Beach Boys’ “Little Saint Nick” one more time this holiday season (not to digress, but does local radio have rights to more than 20 songs? We think not.)

Having said that, The Cathedral Concert Series will bring the season of Christmas (and its tunes) to close Sunday with a spectacular event called the Epiphany Epilogue Concert.

At the concert, which is free and open to the public, you can also see, probably for the last time, all those beautiful poinsettias (and the Nativity scene) in the simply glorious setting that is the world-famous Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption.

And we bet there won’t be a single “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” on the playlist.

Live music

Tonight: Missy Werner Band at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant … The Chuck Brisbin Trio at Smoke Justis.

Friday: Leroy Ellington at Smoke Justis.

Saturday: Marc & Doug at Smoke Justis.


Tonight: “These Things Are Connected” exhibit at The Carnegie.

Friday: Trivia Fridays at The Green Lantern Café.

Sunday: Kickoff in The Cov, Bengals v. Ravens at Keystone Bar & Grill. … “These Things Are Connected” exhibit at The Carnegie. … Cover2Cover at Kenton County Public Library.