NYE in The Cov

COVINGTON, Ky. – So here we are at the end of “Dead Week,” those days between Christmas and the New Year when – having worn every pair of gifted socks, polished off two entire tins of homemade cookies, and watched four Hallmark movies (well, actually, they really were the same movie) – one can feel as if we’re all limping through a big, yawning empty space in time, unsure of what to do with ourselves.

You know, the holiday hangover.

Best get your second wind. The end of the week bleeds into the beginning of a New. Year. (capital letters), and that means it’s time to party.

Fortunately, establishments in The Cov are hosting fantastic New Year’s Eve festivities, and if you haven’t already made plans, just read on. As of press time for this newsletter, some great venues still had reservations available. (We tried not to include those that were sold out – clearly some of you were thinking ahead. We also realize we probably missed some. Alas.)

As always, be safe, party wisely, get another driver if you need one, and “cheers” to the next best year of your life.

Tonight’s splendor

Before we get to the NYE stuff, however, let’s talk about tonight’s party at The Standard, where the gas-station-turned-restaurant-and-cool-drinking-spot hosts its final drag show of the year.

As the ad goes with all its punny wit, “pull in to The Standard, Covington, and ring the bell for full-service fun.”

It features The Lady Phaedra, Anhedonia Delight, Queen Danicure, Stixen Stones, and of course The Bard.

First, your kids

The Noon Year’s Eve event at the Kenton County Public Library on Saturday is a brilliant way to celebrate the New Year with the kiddos before leaving them with the babysitter for your evening with champagne and friends.

It’s an hour-long party with games, music, and dancing.

A smokin’ hot evening

If, for you, nothing rings in the New Year like smoked meats and smooth bourbon, then get your reservation squared away for New Year’s Eve at Smoke Justis on Saturday.

There’ll be bourbon cocktails, live music with the Chuck Brisbin Trio, dancing, and a proper NYE champagne toast.

A cabaret in Latonia

Wicket City Cabaret/Sideshow Betties presents Goodbye 2022 at Pandemonium on Saturday, where you can enjoy an evening of libations, dancing, and of course the countdown with a sexy twist that features Blaze Belle, Tre Howl, Pagan Prince, Spacey Galore, and Stacey Daniels. Plus, there’s a twerk-off with fun gifts and prizes for the winner.

Ring it in with the Grey Dogs

New Year’s Eve with the Grey Dogs at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant on Saturday features the band that traces its roots back to an informal jam at The Brewhouse in Walnut Hills in the early ‘90s.

Influenced by traditional Irish music; American folk-rock bands like The Byrds, The Band, and Bob Dylan; the Brit invasion; Blues; AND classic country, the Grey Dogs will be ringing in the New Year with a broad spectrum of tunes.

A New Year brewin’

Braxton Brewing Company’s NYE in NKY event on Saturday marks the third year folks have gathered at the brewery to celebrate the calendar’s change with music, dancing, drinks, and food.

Along with plenty of Braxton’s beer, wine, and select cocktails, there’s an all-you-can-eat buffet catered by Gomez Salsa.

Live music

Tonight: John Ford at Smoke Justis … Open Mic Night with Mara Moon at Pandemonium.

Friday: Satin Smooth Project at Smoke Justis … Houseplant “Midnight Buffet: Unofficial Goose Afterparty” at Madison Live … Liam’s Fancy at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant.


Friday: Last Call Trivia at Frosthaus … Holtman’s Pop-Up Donut Shop & Coffee at Braxton Brewing Company.

Sunday: New Year’s Day Pajama Brunch at Keystone Bar & Grill.