Trees, old cars & a ‘wayfaring thespian’

COVINGTON, Ky. – Tonight the fall equinox ushers in the arrival of Libra, the sign of balance and reflection, corresponding with a time of equal darkness and light (That whole balance thing, you know), and all over the world, the length of day and nighttime hours will be darn near equal.

Back in the day, (like 2,000 years ago), Pagans picked apples and had a harvest festival known as Mabon during the fall equinox. They’d pray to gods and goddesses to be kind to their crops over the winter months because winter is cold, gray, always too long and just plain hard to bear for plants (and sometimes people too).

The fall equinox was also a time for good druidic tree-lovin’ folks.

So … always mindful of the passage of time, the changing of the seasons, and historical context, we’re here to tell you that there’s some tree-lovin’ to be celebrated right here in The Cov this weekend. And, as harvests go, there will be fall flowers available for you to try your hand at arranging blooms to place on your table … or harvest altar -- the choice is yours.

Just make sure you get out and have fun this weekend, because the whole balance thing is shifting, and darkness will soon outdo the daylight.

Alas, you likely feel it already.

Trees are neighbors too

And you should get to know them. They’re good neighbors. Producing oxygen and removing contaminants from the air. They’ve been called the lungs of the planet.

The Austinburg Tree Tour on Saturday is a guided tree tour led by City of Covington Urban Forester Patrick Moore and Kenton County Extension Horticulture agent Brandon George. They’ll take you on a journey throughout Austinburg exploring and discussing the trees in the neighborhood, clueing you in on the benefits they provide and their unique characteristics.

Fall flower child

Mums. Marigolds. Sunflowers. Zinnias. Hues bold and muted. It’s time, flower child, to build yourself a fall bouquet to celebrate the changing season.

The Fall Flower Pop-Up with Petal & Stem at Handzy Shop + Studio on Saturday will bring the petals and the know-how, but hopefully you’ll tap into your inner floral-arranger and come up with something magnificent that warrants table status in your home and wows your friends.

The ‘wayfaring thespian has returned’

That’s right, Moira Rose – Rosé All Day is back … and we are trying to quell our near-fanatical excitement.

Grab your fellow Schitt’s Creek-loving friends and get over to Crafts & Vines on Saturday to celebrate the eccentric TV character known for her archaic witticisms and Daphne Guinness-inspired wardrobe.

Extra points – and a chance for a prize – if you come dressed as your favorite character on the show. Get creative. Put some crows on your shoulder. As Moira herself says, this is not time to “just stand your solid ground, refusing to be anything but you.”

Classic, vintage, antique

We’re not talking about the polite words you use to describe your ex- mother-in-law. We’re talking about cars. Cool ones. Old cars owned by people who care for them, keep them shiny, and keep them runnin’.

You can check them out Saturday at Behringer-Crawford Museum during the Museum Cruise-In. Guests will step back in time as they marvel at these automotive gems and learn a bit about their history from the owners and enthusiasts.

The event is free, but donations benefit BCM’s education programming and collections management.

Live music

Tonight: The Velveteers with Wonky Tonk at Madison Live … Open Mic Night with Mara Moon at Pandemonium … Kenny Cowden at Smoke Justis.

Friday: The Rockne Show at Pandemonium … Gina & Johnny at Smoke Justis … Abby Holliday with Young Mister at Madison Live.

Saturday: The Elvis Wonder Show at Pandemonium … Michael T & Friends at Smoke Justis … Ryan Alfred with Matt Wheatley, Mossant, Maddy Rose, and Haley Barth at The Madison Rooftop … 2022 Verivery Concert Page:0 with Verivery at Madison Theater.

Sunday: Rooftop Sessions at Braxton Brewing Company … Cycles at Madison Live.


Friday: Youth Book Club at NKY Pride.

Saturday: Covington Farmers Market at Roebling Point … Read Ready Covington’s Early Childhood Fall Festival in Latonia … MainStrasse Village Food Tour … Arts Meet Fashion at Leapin Lizard Gallery.

Sunday: Soul Sista’s Dance & Tone (low-impact beginners workout) at Rotary Grove Shelter in Devou Park … Pure Barre Pop-Up at Devou Park Bandshell.