Get to know your trees

Volunteers planted street trees in Latonia in 2019.

Austinburg Tree Tour part of Great Outdoor Weekend

COVINGTON, Ky. – Sometimes the best classroom is beneath a wide blue sky and a canopy of leaves. To that point, here’s an opportunity this weekend in The Cov to get outside and learn about trees.

On Saturday, City of Covington Urban Forester Patrick Moore and Kenton County Extension Horticulture agent Brandon George will lead the Austinburg Tree Tour, a walking journey through the Austinburg neighborhood exploring and discussing the many species there, their benefits, the merits of a suitable “street tree,” and their unique characteristics.

“This is a great opportunity to promote the importance of outdoor recreation for overall health, while connecting with our community to discuss the benefits that trees provide us, the challenges trees face, and how we can help trees succeed in the future,” Moore said.

Participants in Saturday’s free event will see about 30 different species of trees, highlighting both native and invasive species to look for in the region.

“We’ll discuss each tree’s unique features and the emerging issues our urban forest is facing, such as the looming threat of the invasive lanternfly,” Moore said.

The tour is part of Green Umbrella’s 19th Annual Great Outdoor Weekend, which features hundreds of free outdoor events hosted by dozens of organizations throughout the tri-state area for children and adults of all ages. Green Umbrella is the regional sustainability alliance of Greater Cincinnati.

The tour runs from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and begins at Sixth District School. Registration and additional information for the tour can be found HERE.

Wear comfortable shoes.

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