Pumpkin ale & poets

COVINGTON, Ky. – Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you just spent almost two weeks off the grid canoeing in the Canadian wilderness.

Your party saw almost no one, but you did witness the Northern Lights (3x) ... discover pictographs and petroglyphs … had semi-close encounters with howling wolves … heard the “whack!” of beavers’ tails and the tremolos of loons … and had ultralight fishing equipment damaged by large and annoyed smallmouth, pike, and walleye.

Civilization is a bit jarring … so what would ease your transition back?

In The Cov, that would be pumpkin beer, poetry, autumn veggies, a Good Vibes festival, live music and more.

Pumpkin alert

Let the leaves in every tree canopy turn a deep gold or crimson red, and may they drop one by one and twirl to the ground as we dance beneath them to The Kinks’ “Autumn Almanac.” Fall has arrived.

How do we know this to be true? Pumpkin beer.

But this isn’t your average pumpkin. We’re talking about Graeter’s Pumpkin Pie (as a beer!)

Stop banking on a steady dip in the temperatures to flag fall’s full commitment, because the true barometer of the seasons is here at last: Graeter’s Pumpkin Pie Ale Taproom Release happens Saturday at Braxton Brewing Company.

And Braxton isn’t just tip-toeing into this season. Along with the tasty fall libation, there will be pumpkin bowling, a specialty cocktail, live music, a Graeter’s pop-up donut and coffee shop, and a DJ on the roof.

BCM comes alive

We can’t promise you that the exhibits will come alive, but Saturday the admission is free at Behringer-Crawford Museum in Devou Park, so who knows …?

It’s BCM’s celebration of Smithsonian Museum Day, a national tribute to all the places of fascination and awe around the United States.

Never been to BCM? It’s a lot more than the two-headed calf for which it’s cheekily known.

Go, check it out, with kids or sans, and see the chunk of the Suspension Bridge, the mastodon tusk, the Studebaker English horse gig, the Civil War artifacts, the railway display, the ….

Gourds, tomatoes & more

It happens every Saturday morning, so you might take the Covington Farmers Market for granted.


Especially this time of year.

Fall fruits and vegetables are worth the visit.

No more negative waves

Artists and makers in the parking lot. Live music, dancers and food. And drinks.

It’s the Good Vibes Festival at Pandemonium on Saturday afternoon.

Good vibes? We can’t help but think of Sgt. Oddball’s lecture to Moriarty in “Kelly’s Heroes.”

Eschew the negative waves and talk righteous and hopeful. Pandemonium makes it easy.

‘A nightmarish joyride’

Kamal E. Kimball’s new book, “The Mouth that Sucks the Bone,” has been described as “a nightmarish joyride through a map made of want.”

She’ll be at Roebling Point Books & Coffee on Sunday for Roebling Reads: Author Event, and she’ll be joined by some fellow poets: Matt Hart, Emily Rose Cole, and Rae Hoffman Jager.

Kimball is a queer poet who’s been published in Crazyhorse, New South, Colorado Review, Forklift Ohio, and a whole lot of other fine publications. She’s taught poetry at Ohio State University and University of Cincinnati.

And aren’t you curious about the details of that “nightmarish joyride?”

Live music

Tonight: Crywank & Chastity at Madison Live … Buddy Wheatley’s Battle of the Bands at The Madison Rooftop … Music + Madtree at Keystone Bar & Grill.

Saturday: King Buffalo at Madison Live … 57 Fury at The Madison Rooftop.

Sunday: John Craigie with Maya de Vitry at Madison Live … Rooftop Sessions at Braxton.


Friday: Dog Days of Summer: Dog-Friendly Happy Hour at Keystone Bar & Grill.

Saturday: Memorial for Gloria at Orchard Park … Esperanza Latino Center’s health fair … local artist/photographer Eric Woodard Meet & Greet at Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop.

Sunday: MainStrasse Village Food Tour … Devou Trail Improvement Day … Wicked City Cabaret Auditions at Pandemonium …