Hiring: Lifeguards, pool staff

Lifeguards keep watch at Randolph Pool.

City raises pay as swim season approaches

COVINGTON, Ky. – The aroma of sunscreen. … The squeals of kids splashing around in the water. … The relief of full immersion in coolness on a 90-degree day. … And – at the end of the week – the satisfaction of cash in the bank.

For generations, that’s been the summer experience of Covington teens hired to staff the City’s three swim facilities, and, as the 2022 pool season approaches, that same experience is available again this summer.

Covington Parks & Rec and SwimSafe Pool Management are looking to hire up to 60 lifeguards, pool attendants, and front desk workers. To help in that effort, the Covington Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday night to raise the pay by $2 an hour for the season, which starts June 11 and ends Aug. 8.

Covington Parks & Rec Manager Ben Oldiges said the summer employment is perfect for high school and college students.

“It’s a fun job, there’s a lot of energy, it can help you build a resume and gain work experience, and of course you can earn money while doing it,” he said.

Pool attendants and desk workers will make at least $10 an hour, and lifeguards, depending on experience, will make at least $12 an hour for the 40-hour work week. Last year, about 90 percent of employees were from Covington, and the City would prefer to hire teens who live in the city.

How to apply

You can apply online at A resume is not necessary, but you must be at least 15 years old.

If you’re not certified as a lifeguard, SwimSafe will not only certify you for free (ahead of the season) but also pay you a salary while you do it.

If necessary, the City and SwimSafe will schedule a hiring event, Oldiges said.

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