Wildflowers, song & family drama

COVINGTON, Ky. – This recent cold spell has given us cabin fever. If you, like us, NEED to get outside this weekend, The Cov has plenty of events to grab your interest.

For example, you can help tend to a pollinator garden … take a stroll and savor history, beer, and tasty food … and learn about wildflowers on a guided tour in Devou.

Of course, “inside” is good too: There’s live music, a “heavenly” performance Sunday at the Cathedral, plus opening night of a cool new play at The Carnegie on Friday.

Hoop scoop

For some, the NCAA basketball tournament (and the world) ended on March 17. That’s when the University of Kentucky Wildcats lost to the unheralded St. Peter’s Peacocks (yes, “peacocks”).

That disappointment aside, this weekend actually is the final weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament, so end it with some fun* … and maybe a win for you.

Get ready to slam dunk your basketball brilliance at Keystone Bar & Grill’s NCAA Basketball Trivia on Friday. Prizes for the winners. Details HERE.

(*Extra fun can be had rooting against Duke, UNC, and Kansas.)    

What becomes of your stuff?

Most of us have accumulated way too much “stuff” in our lives.

Now, once we’ve “departed,” there might well be a family brawl over who gets to inherit that beloved coffee cup collection, or there not be a single person who wants a darn thing of ours.

And who gets to decide, anyway?

Ensemble Theater of Cincinnati’s Producing Artistic Director, D. Lynn Meyers, poses that question on stage at The Carnegie in the production, “Keeper of the Realm.”

It’s a “first-of-its-kind” regional collaboration that brings together the talents of Meyers, NKU School of the Arts, and The Carnegie for a new play that looks at what happens when middle-aged parents die unexpectedly, and their 20-something children must figure some things out about the family house and their possessions.

Oh, we forgot to mention that the parents haven’t entirely moved on. So, there’s that (ghosts). Details HERE.   

(Feeding the) birds & the bees

Get up early Saturday morning, throw on your favorite “get grubby” clothes, and make your way to Goebel Park, where Covington Parks & Recreation needs help tending to Goebel’s Pollinator Garden.

There’ll be cleaning, maintenance, and planting on the first and third Saturday of each month, but here’s the inaugural weekend of the season to get on board with the program to make sure that this garden remains a source of food for the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Bring tools and gloves if you have them, because supplies will be limited. Details HERE.   

Savor the village

Here’s a tour Saturday that gives you a sampling of six locally owned restaurants, craft beer, and the history of the German immigrants that settled in Covington and made their mark on MainStrasse Village.

Riverside Food Tours offers tours on both sides of the river, but we’re a bit biased in saying that its MainStrasse Village Tour is the best.

Whether you’ve lived in The Cov since you sprang from your mama’s womb, are new to the area, or have friends or family coming to town who like to walk, eat, drink, and learn a little history, it’s always nice to visit the Goose Girl Fountain and the Glockenspiel in Goebel Park. Details HERE.    

Wildflower tour

Ah, wildflowers. They’re both delicate and mighty, bursting through the ground and opening into delicate blossoms that dare to emerge in the earliest of spring, so bold in the face of fickle temperatures.

Keep Covington Beautiful invites you to Devou Park’s trails on Saturday for glimpses of the second sign of spring – wildflowers. (Turns out the mating call of the spring peeper is actually the first sign of spring. Thank you, Keep Covington Beautiful for that interesting point.)

Plan to meet up at Sleepy Hollow Trail in Devou and learn a thing or two about native wildflowers. Details HERE.    

Reverberating ‘neath the vault arches

Ribbed vault arches, transepts, massive stained-glass windows, gargoyles and chimeras – for sure the physical structure of the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption is stunning.

But wait until you hear the sounds that fill its interior on Sunday.

Robert Porco and Matthew Swanson are leading the ethereal voices of the May Festival Chamber Choir, Youth Orchestra, and the Xavier University Choir in a program of works inspired by sacred texts the Basilica’s May Festival. More HERE

Live Music

Come witness: Allison Bishop at Keystone Bar & Grill tonight, HERE … Kishi Bashi: 151A 10th Anniversary Tour at Madison Theater on Friday, HERE … Dr. Hue at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub on Friday, HERE … Dirty Mike and the Six Speeds at Molly Malone’s on Saturday, HERE … and An Evening with the Greyboy Allstars at Madison Theater on Saturday, HERE.            


And then there’s … the Covington Farmers Market on Saturday morning, HERE … Paint Van Gogh’s “A Wheat Field with Cypresses” Workshop at Local Studio 325 on Saturday, HERE … “Spirit Riders” & “Abracadabra!” Exhibit at Behringer-Crawford Museum, from Thursday through Sunday, HERE … “Heal Your Who Dey Heartbreak” exhibit at Behringer-Crawford Museum, from Thursday through Sunday, HERE.