Rock & roll and jean jackets

COVINGTON, Ky. – How cruel: We were teased with a sunny, 70-degree day on Monday, and now we’re staring down the possibility Saturday of snow.


But while the weather may not be consistent, good live music in The Cov is. And there’s lots of it this weekend. In fact, much (most) of what’s happening around town this week involves music. Good. Local. Live. Music.

Other things are happening too. Some of them involve cats, paint, and denim. All promise equal entertainment value.

Grab your brush, ‘Purr-casso’

Don’t depend on a bushy-tailed tabby for the creative brush strokes on your canvas at “Purr, Paint, Sip!” tonight at Purrfect Day Cat Café – those felines won’t be dipping their tidy tails into your paint pots.

Maybe you’re an aspiring Picasso. Or maybe you just like hanging out with cats. Whatever the case, Scarlett Hayes of Shaye Studios will be on hand to provide creative guidance. Details HERE.     

Thursday night tuneage

As we wrote above, this weekend features a lot of musical acts, and scroll down to the “Live music” section to see them.

But given time sensitivities, we want to list tonight’s music front page and above the fold (to use a reference from a different era).

Over at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, the Missy Werner Band is performing, HERE … A mere stroll away you can hear The Chuck Brisbin Trio at Smoke Justis, HERE.

School of Rock

Don’t hang out with “wannabe corporate sellouts.” Just don’t do it. Instead, hang out with kids. The ones who are “out on the front lines, liberating people with their music.”

We’re talking about kids playing rock ‘n roll.

(By now, you’ve probably got the “School of Rock” film references. If not, that’s OK. We’re movie nerds and we know it).

Anyway, did you realize that there’s a bona fide School of Rock in Northern Kentucky? Well, friend there is. On Friday, the students in the school’s Northern Kentucky Youth Performance Program will perform “The Beatles” at the Village Theater (sans Jack Black, aka Dewey Finn, of course, that “sexy and chubby man”).

These kids have worked and rehearsed long and hard (four months, to be exact) and they’re ready to take the stage. Plan on seeing a good show.

Come early and you’ll catch mid-season performances of “Rock ‘n Grohl” and “Indie Rock Revival.” More HERE.    

‘Two patches and a latte’

As fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent allegedly said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

Somewhere along the way, someone had the good wisdom to edit that statement to the solid universal truth that says, “Fashions fade, but denim jackets are eternal.”

So grab that treasured fashion staple that you have rightly, and righteously, hung on to for decades, and show it new love at the “Jean Jacket Workshop” at The Roost Latonia on Friday.

A small fee for the workshop includes two patches and a latte. If you’d rather buy a new jacket than spruce up your well-worn beloved one, you can purchase one on-site. You can buy additional patches too. Details HERE.     

Skyline time

We’re not talking about three-ways and coneys here, we’re talking about the stunning city skyline we enjoy gazing at across the river (and we especially love that they’re looking back in our direction, really wishing that they lived in The Cov).

Here’s your chance to capture that skyline view in your very own original piece of art, under the tutelage of someone who knows what they’re doing – local artist Jim Conroy.

The “Cincinnati Skyline” workshop happens Saturday at Local Studio 325. There’s a fee, but all materials are provided. BYOB. More HERE.    

Live Music

There’s … Your Ol’ Pal Don Pruett & His Close Personal Friends at Wunderbar on Friday, HERE … Irish Drab Band at Molly Malone’s on Friday, HERE …  Harbour, with Hate Drugs, Betcha, and Alíco at Madison Theater on Friday, HERE … The Varner & Netherton Trio at Smoke Justis on Friday, HERE … Eggy & Dizgo at The Rooftop at The Madison on Friday, HERE … Burgettii Fest with Burgettii, Lane Allen, Eon Zero, Lil Lolski, 888 Rockett, and Wolf Mane at Madison Live on Friday, HERE … Big Time Operator at Smoke Justis on Saturday, HERE … Seconds 2 Summer at Molly Malone’s on Saturday, HERE … Todd Snider -- “Pickin’. Grinnin’. Tellin’ Stories. Takin’ Requests Tour,” with Todd Snider and Aaron Lee Tasjan at Madison Theater on Saturday, HERE … G Miles & The Kentucky Cuzins Big Band at Band of Helping Hands on Sunday, HERE.              


And then there’s … Science in Play2Go at the Kenton County Public Library through May 28, HERE  … MainStrasse Village Food Tour on Saturday, HERE …  Covington Farmers Market on Saturday, HERE … “Spirit Riders & Abracadabra!” HERE and “Heal Your Who Dey Heartbreak” HERE exhibits at Behringer-Crawford Museum, Thursday through Sunday … “A Thought is a River” exhibit at The Carnegie, Thursday through Saturday, HERE.