Quilts & rattlesnake venom

COVINGTON, Ky. – At first blush, those two topics might seem incongruent. One evokes coziness and comfort while the other spurs a watch-where-you-step shudder. But read on. Each plays a role in this weekend’s list of fun and entertainment in The Cov.

All told, there is plenty to play, sip, stitch, see, and hear this weekend, including pickleball, tarot readings, art exhibits, concerts, a little madness (of the March sort, that is), and a lot more.

(But before we get to the list, did you know that a gathering of rattlesnakes is called a “rhumba?”)

In a pickle

Pickleball, not unlike cornhole, is a fun game with an unfortunate name. That said, it’s a name that one surely doesn’t forget.

The game has nothing to do with pickles, otherwise there might be variations of the game, like a youth league called “cornichons” and a “bread and butter” tournament where the “dills” and the “gherkins” go to battle.

Instead, according to, anyway (which sounds like an entry point to a land where rivers of vinegar and salt flow freely), there are varying narratives to how the game got its moniker.

One school of thought involves a dog. The other a boat. Both are too long to go into here.

What you DO need to know is that Covington Parks & Recreation has pickleball scheduled tonight at 5:30 at the 6th District School Gym, and you should give it a try. More HERE.   

Hold on to your BRich’s …

… but keep one hand free for sipping.

Rich’s Proper Food and Drink and Braxton Brewing Co. are collaborating tonight for the “Hold on to Your BRich’s Barrel Aged Stout Release.”

After two years in a Buffalo Trace Barrel, and another year in Rich’s Knob Creek Private Selection Barrel, this Imperial Stout is ready for its debut. Details HERE.    

Rivers and rattlesnakes

While rattlesnakes are most likely found in stump holes and rock crevices, they do drink, need moisture to stay cool, and eat the rodents and insects who live near water.

But this item isn’t about coiled buzz-makers along the water’s edge, it’s about the new exhibits opening Friday at The Carnegie.

“A Thought is a River” stems from the idea that the Ohio River spurs connections and conversations between artists from Louisville and Greater Cincinnati.

The exhibit features the art of Kiah Celeste (Louisville), Matt Coors (Cincinnati), Adrienne Dixon (Cincinnati), Dale Jackson (Cincinnati), and Letitia Quesenberry (Louisville), so that would seem to be the case. The exhibit is curated by John Knuth of Los Angeles.

And speaking of Knuth, his own work will run concurrently at The Carnegie. His exhibit, “The Reds,” explores “the borders between abstraction and representation through objects that present as monochrome paintings but reveal deeper texture and context as they are inspected.”

And here’s the cool part about Knuth’s exhibit – and where those slitherin’ rattlers come into the picture: to create his body of work, he mixes rattlesnake venom into high gloss enamel to imbue objects “with an aura that manages to communicate a lingering veiled threat.”

Outstanding. Details HERE.   

Quilt a little

If you’ve had a notion to take up quilting lately, Around the Corner Fabrics in Latonia is here to help.

On Saturday, their “Heart You Mini” beginner piecing and quilting class is a fine start to learning the essentials for quilting.

Around the Corner will provide the background fabric, batting, backing, and binding (don’t worry if those words mean nothing to you right now, that’s what the class is for).

Participants need to bring a few items, like a sewing machine (and a bit of knowledge about how that unit works), thread, rotary cutter, and a ruler. Fabric to create the hearts for the quilt can be brought from home or purchased at the shop, where there is plenty to choose from. Details HERE.   

Life is a cabaret

And so is love.

Torie Wiggins is going to sing about it in her cabaret-style performance at The Carnegie on Saturday. Her show, “All the Queen’s Men” will chronicle a life of learning about and navigating love (the good and the bad of it all), “all while enjoying the ride …”

Wiggins is a big talent – local and beyond. She’s co-adapted and performed a one-woman show, “Your Negro Tour Guide,” at theatres across the country, and directed productions at Miami University, The Carnegie, and Falcon Theatre.

Odds are you’ve already heard her voice. Wiggins has done spots for Burger King, The Home Depot, Estee Lauder, Boeing, the Women’s Entertainment Channel, and most recently, President-elect Joe Biden’s campaign. Details HERE.

Who smells snow?

Why, Lorelai Gilmore, of course.

If you knew that, then odds are you know a lot more about Stars Hollow’s favorite mother-daughter duo. And, if that’s the case, then you need to get to Keystone Bar & Grill on Saturday to join in on – and emerge victorious from – their “Gilmore Girls Trivia.”

Be prepared to shout out morsels of knowledge like … the secret society that Rory briefly joined while at Chilton. … Kirk’s favorite type of carrot … the name of Babette’s cat that died in season 1. Details HERE.    

Let Kitty Curio guide you

New job in your future? Time to ditch your partner? Debating whether to sell your house and make that move?

Deep down you may already know the answers to these questions, but it never hurts to seek insight from a Celtic Cross, Horseshoe, Astrological, or Three Card trot spread so you can move forward swiftly and with conviction.

Rhee Lightner, a painter, photographer, and collage artist who moonlights as mystic Kitty Curio, will be at Local Studio 325 on Saturday evening doing 15-minute tarot reading sessions.

You can book as many sessions as you like to get more reading time (which you might need if your brow is be furrowed with lots of burdensome questions). Here’s hoping The World, The High Priestess, the Ten of Cups, and that dazzling risk taker, The Fool, show up for you. Details HERE.    

Stay gold

Chanell Karr (aka DJ CoCo) is celebrating her 30th birthday with a belated birthday dance party at Madison Live on Saturday.

Admission is free, so it’s kind of like a gift for you on her birthday, right?

Karr herself is going to DJ the tunes for “Stay Golden: Chanell’s (Belated) 30th Birthday Bash.” Hey – when it’s your birthday, you own the day, belated or not, right? Which means YOU get to pick the music.

Happy Birthday indeed, and stay gold, Pony Boy. Details HERE.   

The madness of March

Three weeks of madness. The kind that only happens in March.

With Sunday being “Selection Sunday,” that means the three craziest, wildest, edge-of-your-seat, hoop-shootin’ weeks of the year will soon be upon us, complete with all that bracketology talk.

In other words, March Madness has begun.

Keystone Bar & Grill’s College Basketball Tournament Steals & Deals on Sunday is in honor of this perfectly acceptable insanity. More HERE.   

Live music

There’s … The Cycles at Madison Live tonight, HERE … Sonny Moorman at Smoke Justis tonight, HERE … the Stringus Khan - Billy Strings After Party at Madison Live on Friday, HERE … Twin Sons Duo at Smoke Justis on Saturday, HERE.    


And then there’s … Comedy Night at Pandemonium tonight, HERE … Artist in Action with Steve Nassano at Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop on Saturday, HERE … the Covington Farmers Market on Saturday, HERE … A Candle-Making Workshop at Local Studio 325 on Saturday, HERE … Green Eggs & Hammered pre-St. Patrick’s Day celebration at Keystone Bar & Grill on Saturday, HERE.