KLC video salutes The Cov’s governance

Recent release tied to ‘City Government of the Year’ award

COVINGTON, Ky. – Check out this short video – HERE -- about The Cov published recently by the Kentucky League of Cities to mark Covington’s “2021 City Government of the Year” award.

The formal presentation of the award was made a couple of weeks ago at a reception held by Covington to thank the volunteers and others who serve on City-appointed boards and commissions.

"We wanted those volunteers to share in the award they helped secure,” explained Covington Mayor Joe Meyer, who is interviewed in the video.

Here’s the City’s release from last autumn about the award:

The award focused on Covington’s economic accomplishments despite the pandemic and detailed how “… those successes are direct results of strategic decisions, perseverance, partnerships, and outside-the-box thinking that created a narrative of energy and momentum that continued to accelerate throughout the pandemic. Rather than hunker down and cower, (Covington) moved ahead.”

KLC Executive Director/CEO J.D. Chaney said Covington officials turned “challenges into opportunities.”

“What all that Covington has done the past year – the past two years – and accomplished despite all the challenges our city governments have faced, is truly impressive,” Chaney told the crowd. “Covington is a shining example of how effective leadership and quality governance … at the local level can help communities grow and prosper.”

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