Covington PD welcomes officer’s return

Veteran Police Officer Ryan Jones – signing papers after a (re)swearing-in ceremony today – is back with the Covington Police Department after a short time away.


COVINGTON, Ky. – Covington Police Officer Ryan Jones is back on familiar territory, patrolling the streets of what he says is “the greatest city in the state.”

“He’s a great officer and it’s great to have him back,” Police Chief Rob Nader said.

Jones, who worked with the Covington Police Department for six years before a brief move to Michigan with his family, once again took the oath of office this morning during a swearing-in ceremony at City Hall. 

“There’s no other place in this state that I’d rather work – not for another chief or another city. This is the greatest city in the state,” Jones said.

Before leaving for Michigan, Jones served as a squad leader on the Covington Police SWAT unit and conducted training for new recruits through the Field Training Officers program for four years. He’s a graduate of the Police Academy run by the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training in Richmond and is a six-year Army veteran who spent 15 months in Iraq as a Military Police Investigator with the 110th Military Police Company Member Contingency Unit.

Mayor Joe Meyer, who issued the oath, praised the leadership at Covington PD and welcomed Jones back to Covington.

“You understand our culture and you understand how important police-community relations are in Covington,” Meyer said. “You have great leadership here. Welcome back.”

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