Kitty Curio & Montana Banana

COVINGTON, Ky. – The holiday tree is dropping needles, the mulled wine is gone, Omicron is exploding, the air is bitter, and a little bit of snow is falling (and not the snowman-building kind, just the pain-in-the-broken-wrist kind) …

Fortunately, we have two things going for us:

One, the Snow and Ice Team out at Public Works is about the best there is when it comes to keeping Covington’s streets safe to travel.

And two, here in LoveTheCov, we have some neat activities and entertainment this weekend.

Like what, you ask?

There’s a tarot reading with Kitty Curio (and they book up fast). … live music. … a First Friday Art Gallery. … some cool art stuff for the kiddos. … Zumba. … a drag revue and more.

So, stay warm, stay safe (mask up when you’re out and about), and enjoy this chilly January weekend.

Start with a song

Kick off the weekend a little early with good music tonight.

Alex Poteet performs a live set at Smoke Justis, and he’ll be blending a little blues, folks, and pop music.

Sit back with bourbon, beer, and wings … and kick back to his vintage and modern American sounds. More, HERE.   

A hanged man, a hierophant, and an empress …

… don’t walk into a room (this isn’t the beginning of a bad joke), but those three characters might just turn up in your tarot reading at Local 325 on Saturday.

Pose a question and – for a fee – mystic Kitty Curio will tell you what the cards have to say.

Wondering about whether to leave that job? Not sure if that paramour is really your soulmate (gawd we hate that word)? Will you ever get to book that trip to Italy?

Got a lot to ask about? You can book as many 15-minute sessions as you like to get more “reading time.” These sessions book up fast, so don’t miss out. Details HERE.

Drag on forever

Tara Newone and Montana Banana present The Pandemonium Drag Revue on Saturday at, where else? Pandemonium … which seems to be bringing all the fun these days.

Natalia Marie, Aura Tannen, Crystal Cavalli, Ravyn Valentino, and Vanta Black will all be performing – and if you want a hint of what the night is in for, see HERE.

Eisert’s art

If you like your art like you like to live your life – “large, vibrant, and uplifting” – then stop in to Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop to take a look at Andrea Eisert’s new art installation.

Eisert’s art was installed today at the shop. Check it out. PP has a bunch of cool art by a lot of other talented local artists too. If you’re going to feature a painting, photography, or art creation in your house, why NOT make it a locally imagined conversation starter?

More, HERE.    

From Beck to Wavra

Friday is the first Friday of the month, which means Pandemonium’s walls are covered in new art. The theme for January’s First Friday Art Gallery is “Surreal & Abstract.”

Stop in and check out art by Alfonso Huckleberry, Brian Beck, Cedric Michael Cox, Di Cendeles, Logan Walden, Marc Wavra, Melissa Lucid, Prudence Damron, and Sarah Lalley. Details HERE.   

Rock (those abs) to the oldies

We’re hoping a commitment to stay fit wasn’t merely a New Year’s resolution. Those tend to be a bit … er … fleeting.

Fortunately, here’s an event that will make that philosophy something you live every day: Pandemonium’s “Rockin’ to the Oldies (Zumba Gold)” on Saturday morning will get your heart pumping and firm up those muscles – and, by golly, you’ll have fun doing it.

Zumba Gold instructor Yvonne Sizemore Burkart will show you all the moves, set to music from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. Details HERE.

A cardboard selfie

This will make you wish you were a kid.

On Saturday, Local Studio 325 is hosting a workshop for kids ages 4 to 13 in which they get to create their own custom cardboard self-portrait.

It’s a 1½-hour workshop, and that means parents can drop off the kids and go “play” in the Latonia Business District (as in shop and dine).

Snacks and drinks provided. Workshop is presented by Madelyn of Local Studio 325. Details HERE.  

Time to dig

Devou Park’s first Devou Dig Days is on Sunday morning. Meet up at 10 a.m. in the Gravel Lot and help “put the frosting” on the Gnarnia Trail. More HERE.   

Artful storytime

There’s some art for the wee ones too – and a good story.

Let your kiddo be inspired by a story on Friday morning and create some art.

The Kenton County Public Library’s Playart @ Baker Hunt (which takes place at Baker Hunt), begins with storytime, followed by an art project taught by one of the center’s youth instructors that goes along with the story’s theme. More HERE.

Live music

There’s … Leroy Ellington at Smoke Justis on Friday, HERE …The Acoustic Blue Trio at Smoke Justis on Saturday, HERE … Ground Up with Sons of Silverton, Siri Imani, Deuces, Devin Burgess, Patterns of Chaos, KAE. Savage, DJ Rare Groove, at Madison Theater on Saturday, HERE …The Marty Connor Band is at Covington Yard on Saturday, HERE.


And then there’s … trains are still rollin’ all weekend at Behringer-Crawford Museum, HERE … Make your own incense at Local 325 on Saturday, HERE.